Available Dates:

2 days – 6 January & 13 January 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 3 February & 10 February 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 2 March & 9 March 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 6 April & 13 April 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 4 May & 11 May2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 1 June & 8 June 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 6 July & 13 July 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 3 August & 10 August 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 7 September & 14 September 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 5 October & 12 October 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 2 November & 9 November 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 7 December & 14 December 2024 (Saturdays)

If above dates are not suitable, do whatsapp us at +65 8891 3563 or write to us at for possible alternatives.

Hours: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Teacher: Yoshie

Investment: $550 per person
Minimum 2 persons to start.


Available Dates:
2 days – 16 March & 23 March 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 18 May & 25 May 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 20 July & 27 July 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 21 September & 28 September 2024 (Saturdays)
2 days – 16 November & 23 November 2024 (Saturdays)

If above dates are not suitable, do whatsapp us at +65 8891 3563 or write to us at for possible alternatives.

Hours: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Teacher: Yoshie

Investment: $1000 per person

Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

What You’ll Get


This 2 day foundational training is for people who want to learn and practice Reiki as a (self)healing method. This course is based on a century old Usui Reiki tradition and complies with standards of The Usui Reiki Association of Singapore.

Reiki is a healing art, a self-care method and a natural therapy that anyone can learn and practice.
Developed by a Japanese Master, Mikao Usui over a hundred years ago, it is enjoying enormous popularity in the modern world thanks to its amazing benefits and ease of use. Famous for its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety and pain, Reiki helps people to restore balance on all levels of their lives (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

Accessible to people of all walks of life, backgrounds and ages, Reiki can be a go-to method for anyone looking to bring more healing, balance and harmony into their lives.

This 10 hours of training and in-depth exploration of Reiki theory and practice enable you to use Reiki to heal yourself and others.

In the theoretical part of this course, we will cover:

  • Foundations of energy healing and how it can improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being
  • Reiki history, origines, background and development
  • Qualities of Reiki
  • Principles and ethics of Usui Reiki practice
  • Ways to use Reiki for self-healing (physical health issues, stress and anxiety, injuries,etc.) and personal growth.

Using Reiki as a healing therapy for others (kids, family, friends, pets)In the experiential part of this training, you will:

  • Receive 4 Reiki attunements to activate Reiki flow in your own hands
  • Learn how to perform self-healing treatments
  • Learn how to conduct a Reiki session for others
  • Learn 3 different healing treatment protocols

In this training we will come together to learn, explore, experience and share about Reiki, its practice and how we can use it to create healthy, harmonious and fulfilling lives.


During this 8h course (half-day x 2 times) you will become aware of the importance of your connected wholeness on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, wholeness and balanced health become synonymous.

You will receive 2 attunements to activate and align your Chakras while awakening your power.

You will learn Reiki’s 3 sacred symbols:

– Power up symbol.

– Emotional healing symbol

– Distance healing symbol.

You will learn the way to use their forms, their sounds, and their meanings, which will enable you to consciously direct Reiki energy through your mind (calling the energy) to achieve specific results.

  • Distant healing (self-care and others).
  • Healing physical level.
  • Healing deeper traumas, shocks.
  • Healing emotional, mental, spiritual well-being.
  • Healing situations (personal, group)
  • Space and Home cleansing energy.

Reiki L2 is the more advanced and powerful sequel to L1, that will enable you to become a Reiki practitioner and focus on Reiki healing.

Who should attend / who is this for?

YACEP – Yoga Alliance® Continuing Education Program for yoga teachers.
Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) who take courses with us, this training course count towards meeting your Yoga Alliance® Continuing Education Requirements (YACEP).

You will receive a Certificate of Completion fully recognised by Yoga Alliance at the end of this course.


There are no requirements or prerequisites for attending this course and it is suitable for all adult participants. It could be beneficial for:

  • Men and women who like to take charge of their health, self-care and wellbeing in a natural and holistic way
  • Working professionals leading a busy life who are interested in safeguarding their mental health from chronic stress and burn-out
  • Stay-at-home moms who are looking for a natural therapy to support their own, as well as their kids’ and families’ physical, mental and emotional health
  • People interested in healing in general and energy healing in particular
  • People seeking self-development and spiritual growth

This Reiki training will equip you with an amazing healing method that will remain accessible to you at any point of your life and can help you improve your and your loved ones’ health and wellbeing.

About Yoshie

Yoshie Ajioka-Pace was born in Japan. She played piano and saxophone in a music band when she was young, and loves to play Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls with Gongs, Tuning Fork, Koshi, Rain Tower, Crystals Lyre. She is also Japanese Usui-shiki Reiki Master and has been conducting training course and private session for 16 years as well. Yoshie is also teaching Astrology, doing Tarot consultation, and performing energy work with Akashic records reading.

She lived in the UK for 3 years to support disabled people as a care worker. She gained managerial experience working as Team Leader in US Companies for 13 years, but she realized how healing work using Sound vibration, Colors and Crystals, is helpful for daily life, family and friends. Her life has been transformed, and really helped her to support her father’s battle with a serious illness. She moved to Singapore in 2001 and decided to start teaching other people how to harness the power of love and light to heal themselves.

Yoshie Ajioka-Pace is the Founder & Managing Director of THEAI-EL since 2007, AURA-SOMA® teacher and official distributor in Singapore since 2014. She is teaching Aura-Soma Level 1 & 2, Aura-Soma 72 Angels and Kabbalah Part 1, Aura-Soma Crystal Master course, and Essential course instructor. She regularly do consultation and conduct workshops in Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, and Japan. She is also distributing Aura-Soma line of organic skin care products “AEOS” (Advanced Energized Organic Skincare), and Aura-Soma Jewelry.

Format: Talk 20%, Practices 70%, Q&As 10%

Wear: Loose, comfortable, layered clothes to sit on

Bring: Lots of water, notebook and pen

Whatsapp us at +65 8891 3563 or Email us at

Booking & Payment
Please confirm your place in the course by paying in advance. Only those students who are fully paid in advance will be considered as booked. Space is strictly limited to ensure personalized attention.

To pay, via credit card, clink on this link. You can choose to transfer funds into SPACE2B PTE LTD bank account DBS account no: 0109056769, or PAYNOW to SPACE2B PTE LTD UEN no: 201814703K. And send us a copy of your bank transfer slip.

Cancellation Policy
Should you pay in full and then cancel 2 calendar months prior to the first day of the course you will be refunded 75% of the total fee paid. 25% is withheld for administrative costs.

Should you pay in full and cancel one calendar month prior to the first day of the course, you will be refunded 50% of the total fee paid.

Should you cancel between one month and 7 days before to the first day of the course, you will be refunded 25% of the total fee paid. Less than 7 days notice, you will forfeit the entire amount.

Cancellations must be made in writing and received by us and their receipt confirmed.

“I met Christina at the lowest point in my life. Stress, anxiety, hard work yet ‘no luck’ kinda approach to everything, self pity, lack of self confidence, ‘I am not good enough’ feeling, ‘no one loves me’ thoughts, negative ‘self-beliefs’, unable to build relationships, lack of empathy, controlling, a ‘crazy’ perfectionist. And today, thanks to Christina and her coaching; I feel bliss in my life. I have the feeling of ‘I can’ on whatever I put my mind to, confident, chilled-out, healthy and a very happy being. And yes, I got the dream corporate job I was aspiring for and married the woman I was dating.” ~ Sasha 

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