YIEN SUNGongs, Singing Bowls


    Classes taught at SPACE 2B:
    Gongs, Singing Bowls

    New to holding wellness classes, Yien started her personal spiritual journey back in Bali, 2017. From attending sound therapy at the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud to Chakra-focused meditations that supports Hindu ‘yogic’ philosophy. This was at a time she felt lost and directionless.

    “Spirituality was introduced to me by a dear friend, and I welcomed it with an open mind. It was a wonderful thing simply because the more I meditated, the more aligned my intuition was and self-enquiry just seeps in. It very naturally became a part of me. This higher power is available in everyone intuitively once attained.” Strongly believing that one’s inner being holds the power of the universe, she hopes to translate that in to sound healing.

    Why I practice meditation:

    To achieve oneness (mind+ being) and to tap into our higher consciousness. Turning inwards for connectedness are sometimes hard when we are constantly surrounded by distractions in this materialist world. Having the time alone to completely understand who I truly am in a meditative state has help me gain expanded awareness in an open, secure and carefree life; to truly live in the present moment. Let go of the past, stop thinking about the future (what am I going to do tomorrow, what should I do this weekend).

    Why I teach sound meditation:

    To cultivate awareness on the benefits of stillness and mindfulness through sound healing. Every sound has frequencies and vibrations and zooming into the subatomic level of science, it sends these tiny vibrations that we can’t hear or see them with our senses. Just like any energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Why? because we as humans does not have biological receptors to pick up on it! All that said, playing the Gongs would send these vibration strings to our energetic field which in return will influence our consciousness in subtle ways.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    A safe space where all sounds and energies dance together in meditative collectiveness.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Our ‘intellect’ minds seek questions and answers all the time. We call that our monkey chatter brain, the cognitive part that is responsible for problem solving, thinking, planning, and organizing. But that is just a tiny fraction of who we truly are. Live simply’ to me means, there are other ways to know life beyond the identities we have.

    Om Shanti.