VAISHALIInstinctive Meditation™, Breathwork, Yin Yoga


    Classes taught at SPACE 2B:
    Instinctive Meditation™, Oxygen Advantage® Breathwork, Yin Yoga

    Vaishali is a yoga, movement, breathwork and meditation teacher based in Singapore. The core of her work is embodiment—the feeling and experience of our body through sensation, emotion, intuition, touch and movement. Embodiment is a living practice that supports personal development, creative expression, physical therapy and spirituality.

    Vaishali has over 800 hours of training and over 10 years of experience teaching various forms of movement and meditation. She is certified in Hatha Yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga, and is an experienced restorative yoga teacher.

    She has trained in Laban/Bartenieff Movement as a Movement Analyst and Somatic Movement Educator, as well as in Body-Mind Centering©. She is also a certified Instinctive Meditation™ teacher, a Total Immersion swimming coach, and a certified Oxygen Advantage® Functional Breathing Instructor. Other influences on her practice and teaching come from the world of dance and natural movement.

    Why I practice yoga & meditation:

    My practice is a way for me to come home to myself every day. It also gives me the energy and the confidence to be in the world naturally, as who I really am.

    Why I teach yoga & meditation:

    I teach to spread the magic of these practices around! I love the buzz and the bliss that comes from connecting with self, and I want everyone to be able to find that in their own way.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    Mmm…quiet time, soft music, dance, nature, friends, and beauty. All things that nourish me.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Being in balance. Being in touch with myself, and what I need. Also being myself, just as I am. It’s an ongoing practice.