TINGLESGongs, Singing Bowls, Yoga Nidra


    Classes taught at SPACE 2B:

    Gongs, Singing Bowls, Yoga Nidra


    Tingles started experiencing the silence growing within as a child in the presence of her maternal grandparents. This energy within stayed through her formal education years.

    Into her 2nd year of becoming mom, she experience a Gong Bath and thereafter took lessons to play the instruments. Since 2019, she has been practicing under expert guidance of Martha Collard, Christina Nikolovski, Christine Plaud. She picked up various playing techniques, breathworks, and practices for mind protection in the form of mantras and energy work to reverberate with the intensity of the instrument.

    Tingles is naturally inquisitive especially relating to what promotes positive social behaviour. She is particularly passionate with issues related to communities, the way people work and why people focus on certain activities. Tingles has previously held a broad range of occupations within various industries providing a rich assortment of experience with responsibilities and roles.

    Sound and Movement makes her desire intensify to explore into collaboration possibilities with people in the terrain of corporate occupation, she sees these people who hold position and influence to create an impact for the community and deeply feels responsible to share her knowledge how can one firmly respond to varied situations with a calm demeanor & composure with zero compromise. Her desire is to make everyone feels encouraged to be authentic within themself.


    “… plays her Gong with deep focus and calm… awakening a majestic sense of groundedness and empowerment within you…” Joyce Yeo

    “ Tingles pays attention to minute details, and will ensure one is taken care of. She brings with her a focus on healing and bettering people’s health amd wellness. Through her Gong-playing, she allows her creativity to shine and shares her love with those around her , making us feel calm and relaxed at the end of a session “ Foo Shimin

    Why I practice sound healing meditation:

    Of all modalities available I found Sound to provide the opportunity of being both soothing and gentle, while enabling new possibilities to be revealed. I find this to be a strong support for me to both heal and grow.

    Why I teach meditation:

    I wanted to share the possibilities I have experienced with Sound Meditation, and always longed for collaborative works to happen.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    A space that holds me in a supportive, nuturing ambience.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Simplicity, Minimal, and Effortless are words that meant to me which has an element of spontaneity. Live Simply means just this.