Classes taught at SPACE 2B:

    Apart from her love for coffee, Susu believes her cheerfulness and friendliness also stem from her Vietnamese origin. She approaches her yoga practice with that same friendliness and warmth: do the best, at the same time be kind to your body and don’t forget to have fun. A music lover and dance enthusiast, she loves a good flow to an awesomely curated playlist that makes you feel like dancing on the mat, with some cheeky backbends and twists to move the body in all directions.

    Why I practice yoga:

    I started with yoga as a way to exercise, but from yoga she learns so much more about life. Yoga is in everything we do, in our breathing, in our way to think, to treat ourselves and others. Yoga teaches me to truly let be, to live in the now and live with a grateful heart.

    Why I teach yoga:

    I would love to share my practice with others and I feel so grateful to find yoga, and hope to help others benefit from yoga for their bodies and souls.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    A space where you can simply be, stay in the moment, let go of all the hassles of the outer world and tune in and listen to your mind and body.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Live here, now. Focus on the moment and learn to appreciate all the things you have instead of what you don’t.