RACHELTibetan Singing Bowl, Meditation


    Classes taught at SPACE 2B:

    Tibetan Singing Bowl, Meditation


    Rachel is a certified sound practitioner based in Singapore, who specialises in the use of meditation and Tibetan singing bowls to aid in grounding, connecting with the body, and overall well-being. She has trained across disciplines such as Tibetan Singing Bowl, yoga and breathwork. By meeting sound with mind-body awareness, she utilises the vibrations and harmonics of the singing bowls to empower individuals to reconnect with their senses and find a deeper sense of clarity and stillness in their body. Rachel’s practice is rooted in the belief that through energy manipulation and the power of sound, we can tap into our innate healing abilities and live a more fulfilling life.

    Being highly empathetic and intuitive, she understands that the path of healing and self-discovery is non-linear and is often times challenging. Rachel is here not only to hold space and facilitate the healing of individuals, but to elevate and empower them to step into their highest self.

    Why I practice sound/yoga & meditation:

    My practice is a way for me to form a deeper understanding and connection with self. Through the exploration of different modalities, I was able to access new layers and new perspectives of myself.

    Why I teach sound/yoga & meditation:

    As someone who feels deeply, I understand what it’s like to be struggling. Often times, healing, growing and truthful living doesn’t happen not because we aren’t capable of it, but because we don’t feel safe enough to do it. So, in all the sessions that I facilitate, my goal is for everyone to feel that it’s safe to heal, to grow and to just be their truest self.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    It’s a space that represents growth and a place where you can feel safe sitting with all of your discomfort.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    To embody the saying that everything in life is merely an experience to be experienced. And to know that every lived experience was meant to elevate us in one way or another.