JAMESSound, Yoga Nidra, Gentle Yoga


    Classes taught at SPACE 2B:
    Sound, Yoga Nidra, Gentle Yoga

    Before discovering yoga, James used to think yoga was just easy stretching but little did he know that one trial class would change his life forever. He fell in love with how yoga made him understand his physical body and how it changed his outlook on life. He dove deeper into the philosophies of yoga and meditation which opened a new found love for Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation.

    James prefers to hold poses to build strength, stamina and allow for adjustments however a good flow accompanied with great music is always welcomed. Yoga is not perfection but progress!

    Combining Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath was the most natural progression. Spurred on by his love for sound healing and meditation, James’ passion has now grown to sharing this experience with others in search for releasing tension, relaxation or just finding peace within themselves.

    Why I practice yoga & meditation:

    Yoga is the time where I am with myself, cultivating both my mind and body with self-love and self-care.

    Meditation helps me be still not only physically but to calm the mind and gain greater awareness of oneself. In turn, it taught me to manage stress, focusing on the present and increases my patience and tolerance in challenging situations.

    Why I teach yoga & meditation:

    To share my love for yoga to others and for them to discover that their body and mind are capable of so much more than they have ever imagined.

    Never having the opportunity to experience meditation during my younger days, I aspire to spread the simple wonder of meditation to our youths and using sound healing for cultivating mental health.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    A safe space where all is welcome to be your true self and to escape life’s demands albeit for just a short moment of time.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Santosha or “complete contentment” has been my pillar of strength throughout my yoga journey. Through practising Santosha, I am freed from cravings and desires which in turn allows me to pursue life without fear or manipulation.