Classes taught at SPACE 2B:

    Jacky, founder of Mindful Alchemy, is a certified Breatheology™ Instructor and also a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

    As an advocate of mindful breathing, Jacky aims to make breath meditation and breath awareness accessible to all who seek a deeper understanding of mindfulness and conscious breathing.

    Jacky was a competitive beatboxer (Vocal Percussionist) locally during his youth and have always been amazed and intrigued by the human capabilities to create and regulate through the use of proper breath circulation.

    After utilizing simple breathing techniques to improve his performance on stage, he maintained the same simple breathing technique he learnt from the internet. He later discovered freediving in December 2019 and with all the knowledge he had gained, utilized it to achieve a breath-hold of over 5 minutes and 30-meter depth on March 2020.

    His vision is to spread the awareness of mindful breathing to the general public in Singapore and to help those in need of breath correction achieve better day to day breathing habits and patterns.


    Master of Business Administration
    (Cardiff Metropolitan University)

    WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment
    (IAL  ACTA)

    Mindfulness-Based Wellness Enhancement
    (CPD Accredited)

    Certified Breatheology™ Instructor

    RYT 200

    (Yoga Alliance)

    Apnea Academy level 3

    AIDA 3 Star

    Why I practice meditation:

    Whenever I feel stressed or disconnected, I turn to meditation. The practice of meditation has helped calm my mind and dissolve disempowering thoughts into the wind – I would feel more grounded, lighter and ready to face the world. The power is in the breath…

    Why am I passionate about:

    I love the ocean! I love the simple pleasures of life. I love sharing the beauty of life with people.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    SPACE2B is a space where I can be myself, and be truly who I am. It is a playground for the senses, where we go on a journey to discover ourselves and meet our truth within.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    To live life as it is, and fully enjoy every single moment. We do not know the future, and the past is already bygone. What we have now is the present, and that is all it matters – To be 100% present and embrace our time here.