Classes taught at SPACE 2B:
    Yoga & Movement

    Eddie(maverick) encourages a yoga of contemplative exploration. Though physical in part, his practice is ultimately one of the mind and heart. It is a way of questioning. It never fixates. And it moves towards stillness. It is most essentially a practice of embodied self-reflection. For EM, poses are not answers. They are questions, and so they are approached as questions would be: with method, contemplation and an open mind. Each pose is explored simply and fully. Every movement in a class is developed practically and with attention to detail. Classes are designed with no prerequisites or levels – each class has been crafted simply as an experience. Through such classes, Maverick hopes to demonstrate and explore lessons of life’s vicissitudes. His focus is simple, practical and inquisitive. It points towards one essential question: what does well-being feel like? EM’s technique is grounded in ‘de-dogmatised’ yoga, calisthenics, bodyworks, martial arts, practical anatomy, non-sectarian meditation, Somatics and the Feldenkrais method. It is an eclectic approach crafted precisely to fit that most eclectic of questions. His intention is to help students establish clear objectives in practice, and to inspire them to move closer towards physical and mental well-being. For this purpose, he offers one quintessential piece of advice: “Practise what you enjoy and enjoy your practice; ” ~em~

    Why I practice yoga & movement:

    Movement is an innate body wisdom. No label or style. It is not a trend. The physical aspect of yoga is just another permutation. To me, Well-being is more than strength and suppleness but a body that is ‘pain free’ . Through Somatics, the Feldenkrais method and meditation, I had a different realm of experience. It was a breakthrough in bodily experience and thought process. There are no dogmatic beliefs Movements are only wrong when they create pain. More acceptance, less judgement. Health is a blessing, not an entitlement My practice now serves as a daily reminder of my mortality, and the fragility in life, that I am perfectly imperfect, I don’t have to be guilty of my thoughts or be afraid to make mistakes. That’s liberation.

    Why I teach yoga & movement:

    Teaching what I enjoy makes everyday less of a working day. It’s like having a recipe for my favourite dish(curry). And I want all the spice lovers to come enjoy.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    The grandeur of the gongs, the simplicity of the studio, makes it a conducive space for the Mind to sit.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    When l am no longer a slave to the 5 senses.