CIARAReiki Energy Healing, Chakra Energy Balancing, Hypnosis (QHHT), Yogic Meditation and Breathwork


    Classes taught at SPACE 2B:
    Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Energy Balancing, Hypnosis (QHHT), Yogic Meditation and Breathwork

    Truthfully up until the age of 27 Ciara spent the majority of her time trying to fit into what I thought was ‘normal’. Growing up in Ireland she was committed to the traditional blueprint of life, doing the right university degrees, working in jobs she didn’t like, forcing her body into shapes. She had buried herself under layers and layers of should do’s, what if’s and if only’s.

    Ciara found herself in the healing arts during the predawn of her Saturn Return and after a big transition to Singapore. After years of burnout and corporate work her body and soul finally said ‘no more’ in the form of a significant period of physical, emotional and spiritual breakdown. She was forced to look inward, at her thoughts, emotions, behaviours and more. In desperation she started to explore holistic healing.

    Having now completed certifications in Ayurveda and Yoga therapies, Reiki and QHHT hypnosis she has found a way to connect with the mind, body and soul that makes sense.

    Why I practice reiki, meditation, pranayama, hypnosis and Ayurvedic living:

    I’ve come to my modalities through a process of trial and error. They are like gentle coaches in my daily mission of living in creation mode. Each modality focuses on finding the answer, clarity, and solution from within. There is so much power in knowing you can be your own medicine.

    Why I teach reiki, meditation, pranayama, hypnosis and Ayurvedic living:

    The modalities I like to practice help my clients compassionately acknowledge all the different parts of themselves (yes… even those darker parts) and master them. It is through this process that we can embark on and embrace the wonderful journey that is life.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    Space to be is an invitation to show up as yourself. No mask, no pretence, just you. It’s a safe place where you are in the right hands to be guided on how to stay authentic even through the many twists and turns of life. Being honest with yourself is facing up to the mirror of who you are. Faults and all.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Don’t just go with the flow. Simply be the flow. Live with your soul in the driver’s seat. Not letting your mind, body, emotions or environment shake how you are supposed to show up in the world.