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    Christina is the creative mind and founder of SPACE2B and TANTRAPATH. An avid lover of Life – Christina is deeply passionate about self-realisation, experiencing the energy of the body and in finding expansive peace in the mind and heart.

    Having built a thriving career and passion in the wellness industry in Singapore, her life’s work extends greatly into coaching, leadership and mentorship – she evokes and inspires others to live an authentic, creative and purposeful life through her mindful self leadership work.

    For 20 years she has been serving as a heart-centred teacher for others in finding their truth in relationships, love, intimacy, conscious sexuality, career, health and spiritual issues or concerns.

    All of Christina’s passions lead back to her dedication to flow, authenticity, compassion, wisdom, happiness, joy, truth, oneness, and her strong unconditional love shines through literally with all who she comes into contact with! Space2B is her heart’s project and her shining gift to the world.



    Why I practice meditation:

    I discover through meditation that I can actually address difficult or challenging situations by coming back to my body, looking and listening deeply within and discovering a deeper sense of what’s really important to me. Meditation allows me to live my full potential on the razor’s edge of life, entering more and more into unknown space, where courage meets fear and freedom meets suffering.

    Meditation is also a way for me to slow down and get to know how my mind works, and to train my mind to be less impulsive in response to thoughts. I’ve undergone profound and subtle shifts in the way I think and how I see myself in the world. I get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening and the stories I tell myself about what’s happening, stories that get in the way of my direct experience.

    Why I teach meditation:

    I have a deep passion in sharing meditation as a practice of being alive. When I add mindfulness to any situation, all of a sudden, the whole situation becomes alive. I can find intensity, meaning, fullness, and fulfillment event in the most mundane details of my life.

    The techniques of meditation, are techniques of life. It is a great invitation to explore our life in whatever way we are called to. What happens during meditation shows us that we’re not trapped, that we have options. Then, even if we’re fearful, we can find a way to go on, to keep trying, to not give up.

    Meditation is the best way to appreciate our world, to appreciate the sacredness of everything.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    “Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde.

    SPACE to ‘be’. Simply to be as we are. Space to be fully human, fully awake. To dis-cover, to un-cover, to re-cover ourself. To know ourself, to reconnect with dis-owned parts of ourself, to become whole. To awaken to what is real in the life that we actually have beyond what we may think or assume. To see, feel, hear, and reflect on what is in front of us and what is inside of us, fully exploring who we are and what the experience of our own life is.

    On a deeper dimension, this awareness of SPACE is the surrendering into the inner space of our own true nature, and realizing that our fundamental state of being, our soma, our body, our heart is infinite space. We are SPACE. In this space there’s no time. Just the beingness of it. We see the limitless possibilities of openness, awareness, and experience that reside in there.

    In this space, we are LOVE! When we bring real love into our life, we embrace space out of everything that rises and falls, we become more spacious with life. An inclusive embracing of absolutely everything.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Inner simplicity is my basis for living fearlessly in a complex world. This means letting go and releasing my past limiting patterns of trying to fix, get, become, improve, seek, judge, project, or to live up to some kind of spiritual ideal.

    I relax into the invitations of life and let the burdens of my mind drop down into the abundant love and deeper truth of my heart. I surrender to stop controlling and struggling, questioning and trying to figure things out, or be in a hurry to plan my future. This allows me to navigate everyday stresses and serious challenges with greater ease.

    When i live simply, i start to experience myself in and as part of the love that moves this world. I become aware of the depth, beauty and hidden blessings in each moment in all that life brings to me as well as in my connections with those around me. I gain greater patience, compassion and courage, living more harmoniously and joyfully in my everyday life. This gives me the endless possibilities to create from my inner source of power – a life of aliveness, passion and purpose.



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