Classes taught at SPACE 2B:
    Sound, Yoga

    Caroline took her first yoga class many years ago when she was attending university in America. The class was during lunch hour and many students including athletes attended the yoga class. It brought calmness to the stressful student life at that time.

    Many years later, yoga was introduced back into her life by a dear friend and colleague. This time yoga remained a source of peace, calm and self healing. She fell in love with the yoga teachings of self awareness and how it opened up a whole new outlook of self exploration.

    Caroline attained her Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching yoga. As her practice evolved, she started attending sound healing classes which she found extremely beneficial for the mind and body. She pursued her love for sound healing with Christina Nikolovski in Tuning Fork, Crystal bowls and Tibetan Bowls. Caroline believes in the holistic approach of healing and her greatest wish is to help her students find balance, love and mindfulness and they embark in their own journey.

    Why I practice yoga & meditation:

    Practicing yoga has increased my own awareness about myself mentally and physically.

    I learned meditation through yoga and it has thought me to manage stress that comes my way.

    Why I teach yoga & meditation:

    To share my love for yoga and the incredible benefits that comes with a mindful practice.

    What does “SPACE TO BE” look like to you?

    A safe space to simply be. The positive vibe simply gives you a sense of calmness despite a day that you’re having.

    What does “LIVE SIMPLY” mean to you?

    Being and living authentically by letting go of past experiences and fear or judgements.