Lotus, Muguet, Rose, Jasmine

Purely natural and organic perfume

Affirmation: I love myself the way I am

Parfum 11 is beautiful, soft and airy, fresh and tingly, and encapsulates the warmth, tenderness and compassion associated with this bottle. Its simplicity, humbleness and yet eternal beauty is reflected in the Pink Lotus Flower which forms the heart note of this scent. It also has rose scents which help the perfume to spell feminine and floral and the rose makes it smell romantic which is why it is described as perfect for the lovers of light.
The clear pink combination is for lovers of light. It is a bottle which reminds us of the subtleties of life. The nuances of beauty and aesthetics are brought into awareness. This helps us to not judge ourselves too harshly and to be more caring for ourselves by ourselves. Can also be supportive of the intuitive sense within us.
The beginnings of love, shines a light (clear) on the ‘isness’ of being through self-acceptance (pink). Brings clarity of mind from deeper levels of warmth, tenderness and compassion toward the self, and thus the ability to offer these qualities to others. The clear signifies an understanding of suffering which can lead to transcendence and the illumination and blossoming of all our chakra energy centers to form an inner ‘Chain of Flowers’.
50ml, Made in UK