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Healthy Personal Boundaries: Somatic Practice – Svetlana .

Very insightful experience. Definitely what I needed. Thank you Svetlana for providing this space for us.


It was a nice mood uplifter. Svetlana is very kind and generous with her guidance.

It’s a brand new experience that everyone should try. I felt amazing ! Lana is patient and explained the theory for new attendees.

This class by Svetlana is great.


Really enjoyed the session with Lana! Was such a safe space to share my feelings and engage in the activity 🙂

TRE + GONGS WORKSHOP – Svetlana + Christina .

The gongs deepened the intensity of the shaking. I slept much better the same night and the back ache I had before was much relieved.

Unique combination. Always a great session at Space 2B.


Very different and special. it’s not calm, it’s loud. The teacher is great and guides you through the experience and techniques., also provides feedback what to improve and what else to expect with further meditations.

Active Meditation in the City (IN-STUDIO) – Swami Nadam

Energising and liberating experience! Swami Nadam was a peaceful and skilled guide(: Different compared to quiet mediation as it requires us to be less shy and truly immerse in the experience, worth it as it is very refreshing at the end! Will come again 🙂

Yoga Flow (IN-STUDIO) – Pat .

I have to give this an exceptional rating. Glad that Pat gave a lot of emphasis on body alignment so I could work on the right muscles instead. Being the only student, I got all the attention too! I have bad posture and often felt my body is slanted. After attending so many different yoga classes, this is the first class that my body felt truly different at the end of it! I thought my alignment got better and could feel the stretch on my back. Great class!

Gentle Yoga (IN-STUDIO) – James .

James is a fabulous teacher with not only a wealth of knowledge about the practice, but a true passion for the growth and needs of his students. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness and sensitivity to my needs. The yoga lesson was perfectly ok halve and personalized. Felt so grounded and energized after the class. I am so grateful for the experience in such a beautiful place to practice!
Very comfortable space, Instructor was friendly, engaging and helpful 🙂

Basic Yoga (IN-STUDIO) – Mei .

We really enjoyed Mei’s session today. I love her vibe and warmth in guiding me and my Husband with so much warmth and patience. Her teaching professionalism is very impressive and we can’t wait for our next session with Mei again! Thank you Mei! The ambience of the studio is beautifully intimate and makes for a great yoga practice!

Yoga Flow (IN-STUDIO) – Mei .

Very friendly coach and nice yoga atmosphere.
Mei is an excellent instructor and space was amazing. Thank you
Studio was really nice and clean! Mei was really good and encouraging!

Sunrise Yoga (IN-STUDIO) – Susu .

I very much enjoyed the class and everyone was so lovely 🙂 Susu has such a warm smile and fills me with strength and positivity. Perfect for all ability yogis to check in with their bodies and breathe. Highly recommended. Looking forward to next week class already.

Yin Yoga + Gongs (IN-STUDIO) – Munirah + James .

If you are looking for a class that is mindful and at a slower pace, this one is for you. The poses were very gentle and Munirah provided options for students to cater to their practice. The sound of the gongs created a sense of calm and lightness. Loved the combination of the two. Thank you for guiding us.

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We strive for 5!

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Read what our students are saying about us!

We strive for 5!

Tell us what you think

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