Read what our students are saying about us !!!

Gongs + Crystal Bowls – Xin Tong .

I wanted to share my appreciation of the amazing playing by Xin tong during my recent the session at space 2b . The experience immediately allowed me the leave behind my hectic day and busy mind to just relax and feel the harmonious sounds within . So great to enter the sanctuary of space 2b and feel a sense of both calm and serenity which is a weekly ritual for me.

Relaxing Gongs (In-Studio) – Shi Min .

Great calm and soothing session with Shi min, calms you down when the sound of the gong washes over you, she is also very knowledgeable with her stuff, shares with you a lot about the classes they have if you are interested to know

Fostering Clarity – Gong + Crystal Bowl Sound Healing (In-Studio) – Mandy .

Such an amazing session!!! thank you!! I feel so relaxed now and the oracle card readings are going to be a good guide 🙂

Cultivate Presence – Gong + Crystal Bowl Sound Healing (In-Studio) – Mandy .

first time experiencing this and mandy made it an extremely safe space!

Offering of Gong Sound (In-Studio) – Tingles .

Always great when I come here!
It is really great session. I can relax and focus on breathing. Feel like i did sound cleansing for my body. Thanks a lot for have a great class 🙂
My first time attending the gong class, I really felt the change of vibrations in my body. The instructor Tingles was very passionate about the practice, sharing her experience with a lot of gratitude. Overall a invigorating experience!
Welcoming instructor. Deeply relaxing and meditative.
Interesting experience. I felt sensation on parts of my body. Zoning in and out of sleep and felt tightness on my chest… an experience that is needed to slow down the body and mind…
Amazing session with Tingles as always 🙂 very passionate about the work she does, and I always leave sessions feeling very refreshed!
A very relaxing session. Didn’t expect myself to fall asleep during the gong session. Will be back for more.
The best experience, you will be rejuvenate after the session. Deep sleep

Good Vibrations: Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls + Tibetan Singing Bowls (In-Studio) – Caroline .

Love the space, the class was perfect, I had a wonderful recharge and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you Caroline 🙏🏼
The class was very relaxing and Caroline was very gentle throughout the class. I drifted away for awhile during the session, very refreshing after I woke up.
Very interesting first experience. Come with an open heart and open mind. Will be back for more whenever I need to rejuvenate or recharge.

A Sound Healing Journey into Your Inner Space (In-Studio) – Caroline.

The Teacher is great… very nice.

Session was relaxing love the combination of singing & crystal bowls. Comfy pillows & blankets too.

Overall experience was great.

Caroline was so welcoming & so great! Was so kind to explain to us what was going on at all times! Cozy space as well!

Nice space, very clean and good acoustic. Caroline took the time to explain what the sound class was about. Experienced different types of sound from different bowls.

Deeply restful and gentle. Thank you Caroline!

Crystal Bowls + Monolini Sound Healing ~ Aria (Air) (In-Studio) – Aki .

beautiful space & sound healing session. just what i needed to reset and relax
Absolutely loved the session! Highly recommended!
It was a calm and relaxing class.

Crystal Bowls Sound Healing ~ Aqua – Aki.

The greatest day of my life over the past months.. feeling lighter, feeling great the moment I’m back to reality with my eyes open, feel more positive and grounded. Is like battery recharge and I can start to fight like a warrior again.

Great experience, felt at peace.

Good experience with Aki. I feel lighter.

Amazing. Thank you Aki-san! Will definitely be back for more.

Very calming!

Very nicely played felt really good will definitely go for her class again.

Love the session. actually i left feeling less tired and more energize… just what I needed. will come back for different session next time.

2nd time it’s good.

Overall experience was very calming, made me more aware of my body while i felt relaxed and safe. aki is so sweet too. 🙂

The crystal bowl was lovely, but I don’t know if I’m really unlucky because all the times I’ve been here except once, some guy is snoring away and being disruptive! The facilitator played the crystal bowls really nicely, it’s just other people being inconsiderate and nothing done about it… 🙁 maybe a sitting session might suit me more.


Interesting experience.

Always the best session on my weekend. Aki very patient and open minded, sharing her thought and guide us into the deeper side.

Always a great sound bath with Aki will go back again.

Aki’s soundbath was amazing.

Gentle and calm trainer. Very relaxing session.

Cozy space with mats and pillows for an out -of-body experience. The hour felt like mere minutes. Great way to end a day.

Nice relaxing class

Luv the sound meditation always by aki. Relaxing and feel lighter 🙂 will always want to go back.

Aki is superb with the crystal bowls. I feel like time slips away so subtly and the hour becomes mere minutes. Wish I could stay longer but at the same time I feel renewed and ready to continue my day.

Such amazing experience.

Beautiful space. The session was very relaxing. It’s hard not to fall asleep.

Crystal Bowls + Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound Healing ~ Terre (Earth) (IN-STUDIO) – Aki.

lovely crystals bowls session…very highly recommended.

This was a super restorative and calming session. Aki was patient, sweet and guided the session with such grace. Would definitely attend again.

Interesting experience!

Amazing experience.

Soothes the soul and much needed for any city dweller! Aki is great.

Instructor is great and friendly really helped me to drift off to sleep. Nice studio comfy and clean.

Felt lighter after session.

Very relaxing and detoxing experience. Ari was super attentive and noticed that a lot of my energy was stuck in my throat. Take note that if you need to cough or sweat it is a release of negative energy

Amazing, grounding, and relaxing plus releasing class. Aki is a fantastic and soothing guide. I will be returning to her classes! Thank you for this much needed experience and time Aki.

I thoroughly enjoyed Aki’s crystal bowl class today. She played melodiously and allowed me to remain in a state of mindful meditation throughout. I could feel the frequencies of the bowls permeating my body from head to toe. Definitely coming back for future classes.
Aki was very calming and kindly explained when I asked questions about the equipment 🙂

Such a great session. Really loved the instructor’s soothing guidance and calm vibes. It’s impossible not to walk out of this class feeling Zen.

The class is relaxing as usual. Feels great after the session 👍.

Gong + Crystal Bowls ~ Aqua – Aki.

Welcoming place. It’s my first time & found the session go be quite interesting. Will come back again!

Powerful but very holistic experience.

Aki was fantastic as always

A very pleasant and calming experience.

Have not been to an energizing session and I must say – I really felt energized and light hearted after. Was so done after 2 intense exercise classes and my body felt so relaxed and not achey after :p It was a pleasant surprise, maybe also because I used to go for the evening weekday sessions. Will come back again.

Relaxing. Uplifting

Gong + Singing Bowls ~ Earth/Terre – Aki.

Very relaxing but energising. Aki is a great instructor.

Very peaceful and refreshing, will be back again.

Great experience in a small cozy studio. Felt refreshed after the sound bath. Will visit again

Love Aki sound healing been quite a number of times always feel cleansed and good

Such a great session. Really loved the instructor’s soothing guidance and calm vibes. It’s impossible not to walk out of this class feeling Zen.

Amazing, grounding, and relaxing plus releasing class. Aki is a fantastic and soothing guide. I will be returning to her classes! Thank you for this much needed experience and time Aki.

A good and calming class


Went deep deep deep. Hope I didn’t snore lol. Thanks Christina and Aki for the rejuvenating session!

I loved the crisp sound produced by the crystal bowls – it’s a different experience compared to playing tracks/videos at home. The session was lovely!

Crystal Cave “Heart Within the Heart” – Awakening Creativity with Crystal Bowls +Crystal Pyramid+ Crystal Chimes (In-Studio) – Yoshie .

I went into deep relaxation with crystal sounds. The space has a calming energy. Definitely a worthwhile experience.
Very calming and ethereal session.

Under The Stars Planet Sound Healing – Yoshie .

The instructor was very knowledgeable and the session was very well thought out and executed. Will definitely come back!

Session was very therapeutic (there were pillows and blanket provided and instructor asked us to lie down) and allowed me to slow down my pace of life. highly recommend for people who need a break from the daily grind in life.

Love the scents and sounds.

Aura-Soma Archangeloi + Crystals Bowls Sound Healing – Yoshie.

Excellent sound healing session with Yoshie

Nice relaxing class…

Very releasing and restorative. Thank you for the fantastic class!!

Good vibrations! Thank you Yoshie 🙂


Yoshie is an excellent facilitator for expansive space to allow for wider consciousness to arrive! Soothing at the same time as powerful on a subtle level… Aura-Soma essences surprised me, with how readily it prepped me for balancing and sensing. Bring your own mat and cushy props!

Great gong session!

Nice ambience and the sound meditation was really good. Will do again
Very relaxing class. I feel into a very deep sleep within 10 minutes of the session. Will definitely attend this class again

Lavender Flame – Divine Love & Golden Ray – Abundance Crystal + Gong Sound Healing – Yoshie .

Absolutely lovely gong and singing bowl class. I had a very restful sleep and also the pomanders (aromatherapy) that Yoshie used were amazing. Highly recommended!

Aura-Soma Pomander +Crystal Bowls Sound Healing – Yoshie.

Thank you for a beautiful 60 mins!

Instructor was sweet, but a little bit hard to understand. Good experience.

The staff are lovely and welcoming. A big thanks to Ms Christina for always makin us feels like home and a safe space.The session was amazing and felt peaceful and calm.

Aura-Soma Pomander+Crystals Bowls + Planet Tuner – Yoshie.

loved it

Gongs + Crystals Bowls – Yoshie.

Relaxing listening to gongs and chimes throughout the session.

The Jewel in the Lotus – Yoshie.

It was an amazing experience!Great gong session!

Love connection of intentions and drops/sprays and the combination of gong and singing bowls.

I loved it! Yoshie was warm, welcoming and made my experience a totally comfortable and easeful one. I loved how the grounding sound of the gongs gave way to the lighter, more ethereal feel of the various crystal singing bowls that Yoshie played so smoothly and beautifully. I also liked how she incorporated the pomander and the aura-soma colour essences into the session to help us to visualise the symbolism of the lotus growing from the mud and the cultivation of acceptance and self-care. I highly recommend this!

Manifesting & Attracting Abundance + Crystal Bowls Meditation Masterclass (In-studio) – Christina .

Love the energy of the space and the class was very relaxing!


Amazing experience, Christina was so gentle, and it felt like being in the company of a old trusted friend.

Christina is so friendly and welcoming.The session was very great and very relaxing.Its a super safe space and very good energy to spend and learn meditation here.

My mind is usually very busy and I find it hard to quiet down. This is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this … my mind was so peaceful and I could rest. Christina, thank you for the lovely session, delivered with such grace and heart…so smoothing and relaxing! The studio was very calming and beautiful. SO amazing. Really enjoyed her class. I have never felt so motivated in my life. I feel positive, energized and revitalised. Would definitely recommend!!!

It was truly relaxing. Will definitely come back.

Took me back to childhood memories!

Fantastic session always ! Love the sound of the gong.

Great and relaxing time as usual!

Excellent experience as always.

Beautiful studio.

A one of a kind experience. I came in with a heavy heart and left with happiness radiating from me. I highly recommend that you give this a try. We all need this type of healing.


I’ve no idea how to describe the experience. I’m a newbie when it comes to meditation, I can barely survive 10 minutes on my own. Being in the class forces me relax and listening to Christina’s soothing voice, made it a lot easier. I didn’t open my eyes throughout the meditation( I’m guessing you’re not supposed to) and couldn’t keep track of the time, but it felt so long and when it was over, it felt as though I was brought back from another dimension to whatever dimension that I am at now. A wonderful blissful experience and I would definitely come again though I’d need to do more training on my own indefinitely.

Christina was really gentle and very experienced. I really enjoyed the session with her and felt energised after. Suitable for new individuals who never meditated before.

What an amazing evening with Christina , I was taken away on a journey to all my most favourite places and peaceful thoughts by her magical crystal bowl playing , very recharging

Loved the experience of being completely re energised and re charged with the amazing playing of the crystal bowls by Christina , very powerful

As always, a beautiful indescribable surreal experience. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A really amazing session with Christina. It was a powerful and incredible experience and hugely beneficial to me. THANK YOU.

Amazing session with Christina. Sensations were felt around my hips tummy and arms. Rejuvenated! Will be come back again for more goodness.

Love Christina’s classes, workshops and space! it’s always filled with love, acceptance and warmth 🙂

I love how Christina plays the bowls with so much feeling and passion, so so meaningful and relaxing within a warm and serene studio space

Today’s meditation focused on third eye and I got lots of insights and inspiration out of it!

As always enjoys every sound healing meditation with Christina and SPACE 2B.

Always have the best experience with Christina. thank you!

Love Christina’s vibe and the session, soooo relaxing!

What a feeling after the class gets over. Christina is great teacher.

Much needed! Beautiful session on a Wednesday evening! Thanks Christina

Christina is very meticulous and I loved her attention to the comfort of the participants.

Very relaxing and nice! Thank you!

Love it. Always a calming session to reboot my week ahead.

Best Crystal bowl healing class in Singapore!!!

Christina creates beautiful sounds.

Amazing session in a great place. It was so relaxing I think I snored. Haha!

Amazing, powerful experience. Great teacher!

As always enjoy the class.

So good & relaxing!

Lovely as usual!



Christina played with such feeling I loved the experience, truly a feeling of lightness and calm , I am looking forward to my next session which is so exciting ❤️❤️

Simply sublime , the gong as played by Christina is truly grounding and transcending . So subtle and powerful, very moving for me and eagerly looking forward to the next event.

As always, love the studio, the practice and the instructor. This place calms me down tremendously. Thank you Christina!

Beautiful studio with clean vibes. Loves Christina and she’s sharing from her heart. The gong vibrations is beautiful and heavy at the same time. I fell asleep between waking and deep trance and the silence was calm. Now 1hr after class I could still Feel the deep peace / emptiness / calm in my heart 🙂

I love Christina’s soothing style of gong playing. A uniquely relaxing and refreshing practise which I found calming and healing in equal measure. And all within space 2b’s beautiful interior – it’s just amazing!

An amazing evening experience into the realm of sound and resonance within the body and mind. A true journey for me and one which has inspired me to learn about in more depth.

This is my first time doing a thing like this and it is sooo relaxing, so much so I drifted in and out several times and had a kind of experience I can’t really describe well in words. I walked out feeling that my steps are lighter and my usually tense and taut shoulders feeling ‘loosened up’. I may be back again, thank you Christina!

Christina creates a beautiful sense of place with her gongs and crystal bowls playing , a powerful calming and healing acoustic experience I always look forward to !!!

The class was very relaxing, felt like I was in another realm. The studio is beautiful!

Love the energy of the 2 gongs playing. Feel recharged, rejuvenated yet relaxed after the session 🙂

Christina is really sweet and friendly Good class to just relax your mind after a long day in the office will come by again!

I love Christina ‘s energy and vibes 🙂

New experience!

Very relaxing and calming.

Lucky to have this session with Christina ❤️

Lovely class as always. Always looking forward to it!

Beautiful energy.

Great vibes, very relaxing.

I cherish the space for me to heal and rejuvenate. thank you.

Nice meditation class after intensive week at work 🙂

Love Christina’s class. Great class as always !!! ?

Awesome as always!

Absolutely relaxing. Thank you Christina!

Sooooo good


My mind is usually very busy and I find it hard to quiet down. This is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this … my mind was so peaceful and I could rest. Christina, thank you for the lovely session, delivered with such grace and heart…so smoothing and relaxing! The studio was very calming and beautiful. SO amazing. Really enjoyed her class. I have never felt so motivated in my life. I feel positive, energized and revitalised. Would definitely recommend!!!

Magic! It was just simply magical! I see colours, images and journey to a state of bliss and wonder, one that I’ve never experienced before. My entire body was showered, and skin combed with the smoothing sounds from the Monochord, my heart feels wide open ?? Thank you Christina for such a blissful experience. I’ll be back again.

Always have the best experience with Christina. thank you!

So relaxing I recommend greatly. Very grateful.

Great to be back in the new year! Fantastic as always.

Great and relaxing time as usual!

Healing Sacred Heart Mantras + Singing Bowls + Crystal Bowls – Christina.

Always awesome 🙂


Healing and relaxing. Had the best rest in my life!

Felt way more relaxed and invigorated by the time our session ended. Will be back again!

First class since circuit breaker.. feels great to be back! Christina’s class is awesome as always.


Super cosy & love the set-up. Definitely returning for more.

Totally knocked out, had a good rest. Thanks, Christina!

Christina was so good! Thoroughly designed soundscape which brought out strong emotions and experiences. I feel much relaxed and centred after.

Earth Medicine Shamanic Sound Journey: My Sacred Heart (Limited Edition) – Christina.

Love it! Love the drumming and rattle. Had a hypnotic, trance-inducing effect on me. Very immersive sound experience, with a mixture of many sound effects. The fullness and vibrations are fantastic. Thank you for this experience. Love, love, love this!

I just would like to share that I absolutely loved my experience during christina s amazing class . Christina creates a magical peaceful space which allowed me to completely relax and feel a sense of calm , like an emotional reset . Despite my busy schedule at this time of year , it was the absolute best and most necessary commitment I decided to give back to myself and my well-being . Looking forward to my next upcoming session.

What a beautiful grounding high vibe experience.


I was initially doubtful if I can last for 1 hour but Christina eased those by explaining what to expect and guiding me through the whole experience.

Lovely space. I enjoyed the different instruments used in the class and the teacher Christina was very helpful to first timers like me.

Sound quality is fantastic. Brings me to a state of peace and soothes my soul.

Nice and great energy. Nice studio as well.

Thank you so much I had a deep deep rest.

Love the whole experience. Wonderful practitioners!

Deep Ocean Sound Journey (Limited Event) (In-studio) – Christina .

Awesome space as always. Thank you for the wonderful experience.


Love the session, very relaxing experience!

Beautiful and calming space. Very hospitable host.
Great session. I feel recharged and totally relaxed. Big thanks!

Sound Journey into the Rainforest (Limited Edition) – Christina.

Great session with Christina as usual!


The Zen Temple Garden Sound Journey (Limited Edition)

So amazing. So fine, exquisite and elegant. Very chic. Simply beautiful.

In love with the class. Great combinations and varieties of instruments.

Letting Go + Crystal Bowls Sound Meditation (LIVESTREAM) with Christina

Love her voice. It’s almost like the Calm App meditation. The sound quality of the Singing Bowls are also good.

Yoga Nidra + CRYSTAL BOWLS : Balancing the Chakras  with Christina

Feeling calm and relaxed, as always ? looking forward to the next one!

Moon and Flowers : Hang sculpture + Crystal Bowls [Special Christmas Edition] (in-studio) – Christina + Xin Tong .

I just like to share that the new experience for me to hear the amazing Hang sculpture as played with so much feeling by Christina was a perfect complement to the crystal bowls creating an addition to the rich and harmonious acoustic spectrum. The gentle and subtle tones calmed my busy mind creating a sense of serenity.

Moon and Flowers : Hang® sculpture + Singing Bowls [Limited Edition] (in-studio) – Christina .

The amazing sound of the unique hang sculpture and crystal bowls played with such skill and feeling by Christina was deeply soothing and calming. The resonance helps to recharge and reset me , which I look forward to and love each time.


Relaxing sound class by Christina, and good for Yoshie to explain how to use the various Aura Soma products.


Friendly and interesting therapeutic session with sound and vibration


Had a wonderful experience. will join again and recommond to my friend 🙂


This class is really great and mesmerising.

This is really like a concert + sound bath session! An eye opener! Thank you Christina + Akira!

Love the rhythm and feel of the class. Beautiful session.


Love all classes here, perfect set up, love Christina’s gentle and abundance energy. Always feel so good after the glass. Highly recommended.


Great combination of the didgeridoo + Gong + Drum & vocal. I have the opportunity to set intentions and manifest on a conscious level in this session. Big thanks to SPACE 2B for this collaboration. It’s a rare opportunity and grateful to participate on it.

Solid experience.

Listening to didgeridoo with gong is a new and wonderful experience. Enjoyed every moments of it. Am glad to attend.

BEAUTIFUL! Thank you.

A very amazing sound session. Loved and enjoyed the sound tools.. Thanks space2b. Looking forwarding to the next session.

PIANO + CRYSTAL BOWLS : Journey into Colours, Emotions and Creativity Workshop – Christina + Chen Le.

This was one incredible journey into a completely innovative musical experience. The artistry and skilful playing of the Piano and crystal bowl instruments was mesmerising and fresh. So inspiring and Creative.

Beautiful relaxing sounds that put your mind and body into a deep sense of relaxation. Thank you Christina for organizing this session!

Fantastic and interesting sound therapy journey! Looking forward to the combination of Harp, Cello and other instruments already.

Went on a musical journey with Christina and Le. It was relaxing and beyond. Felt calm and at peace with my inner self. Beautiful sounds in a beautiful place. Love it!

A great performance by both. I have attended Christina class a number of time and she never fails to surprise me with her wisdom and knowledge. Le is a humble and talented Musician. He shares his loved and passion for music. I enjoyed myself very much

into depths of ourselves and other the exploration is very precious

Interesting & unique music healing experience!

a beautiful, unique and generous experience as usual..can’t recommend this studio enough!

The performance was amazing. Transported me into another dimension …

the class is insightful

Interesting experience!


Loving energy from both Mabel and Christina. Felt totally at ease and relaxed on a quiet Saturday afternoon surrounded by the surreal, grounding sounds of gongs.

I am always surprised how each time I have the class I experience new sensations while deeply relaxing . This is what’s so special and something I look forward for each session , it’s an adventure


Great Gong Session!

Calming and beautiful sounds.

Comfortable and relaxing session with snuggly pillows and a blanket. Felt calm afterwards 🙂 James is good host!

Always an amazing experience here

Feel relaxed and less stressed after class.

Great! Very relaxing, calming and recharging.



So relaxing! really take the stress off

James’ gong sessions are one of the best I’ve ever experienced; ethereal, uplifting and profoundly relaxing.

First time to this kind of class and you will find yourself a lot more recharged and calmed after the class.

Nice & relax class 🙂

Very effective session James was very nice too.

Wonderful session. Very relaxing!

amazing vibes!

Very relaxing.

Pure bliss.

I am so delighted to attend such a great class. Such a wonderful class. James is friendly and professional at what he does. Definitely coming back again.


A beautiful experience!

A really therapeutic and calming experience. james is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner, will definitely come back!

Love the class as always. The place to go for to take the mind away from the busy world.

Endocrine Cleansing – Crystal Transmissions – James .

Relaxing way to end your evening Soothing and calming

Gongs and Tibetan bowls (IN STUDIO) – Sandy.

She was very good and skilled at making the different sounds with the gong. i am sorry if i was weird i guess i came in with some anxiety about my own self. but it was somewhat like a journey.

The sounds worked as a form of meditation for me. Thank you Sandy for the experience.

Amazing class

Tibetan and Alchemy Crystal Bowls (In-Studio) – Sandy .

One of the best singing bowls class I’ve been to!
Beautiful and relaxing space. Sandy was welcoming and explained what to expect. The class was extremely relaxing.

Another great class. Sandy provide a calm atmosphere for a wonderful class. she is knowledgeable. I hope to see her more.

Mindfulness-based Gong Bath – Earth Element (IN STUDIO) – Sandy.

The place was very clean and calm. Sandy introduced gong bath and meditation in simple terms, yet indepthly. This is my first time to a gong bath, and I actually saw colors at the beginning when the gongs began. Is quite a wow experience!

Gong Savasana: Flower of Life (In-Studio) – Yien Sun .

Had my first experience with gong savasana and it was a great one. I was able to clear my mind from the negativities during the session, feeling afresh and appreciative of my surroundings at the end of the session. Instructor Yien was great too. She is very patience and explains clearly to my queries. She has a very calming voice which helps to calm my mind very quickly when the session starts. Definitely a to-go-again.

Love love Yien Sun’s class , it’s my second time attending and it’s one of my favourite class ❤️ will come back again as always!

Sun was very sweet and gave a very good class. Was super relaxed!

Loved Yien’s class super calm energy and the sound bath had super nice pace and elements with the various gongs

Lovely relaxing class, great teacher with good vibes!

The gong class was very calming and I felt instantly relaxed throughout the session. Will go back again ❤️

soo good and relaxing! space was nice and cosy, and yien sun was very welcoming!

Beautiful session and well played gongs.

Loved the session! Felt very energised after 🙂 Yien’s voice was very calming throughout to guide the class.

Relaxing, interesting first time experience meditating.


Great guidance during the intro, wonderful gongs.

Friendly instructor encouraged everyone to ask questions on gong – really engaged the whole class. Usually gong gives me a migraine but fantastic gentle session – especially enjoyed the guided meditation at the beginning and end of session. Will attend again!

Regina was friendly and had an assuring calm voice that really suits the whole synergy of gong yoga. We were made to feel very comfortable and at ease. The whole experience was transportation and helped release tension from the body. The studio was very clean and well-kept.

Amazing session with Regina! The sounds of the gong are amazing and really transports one to a different head space. Regina is really warm and welcoming. Thanks for the session!

It was a great session with Regina! Her voice was very calming and peaceful. Thank you


Really love the space and energy.

Simply amazing.

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