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Learn to Let Go Meditation Masterclass + Sound Healing (In-Studio) – Christina .

I’ve missed her class very much. she’s such a gem. she gives and shows love through the words and her aura…

Just the best. Christina is a magical light being. You can literally feel her aura and the way she teaches is not like another wellness coach. She’s just the best.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs + Crystal Bowls Meditation Masterclass (In-Studio) – Christina .

Brilliant atmosphere! Will come again

Soul Series: Self-Love Sound Healing Meditation (In-studio) – Christina .

My first experience and it was great. Christina voice is angelic and she is so warm. I felt lighter after the session

The meditation resonated with me as I really wanted to deepen my connection with my soul and love myself more, and I know instinctively this session was meant for me. Christina’s energy is very grounding and peaceful. And she holds the session in such gentleness, beauty and grace. It was simply amazing and light. I noticed my experience and just knew and sensed I was receiving what was right for me. I feel more powerful and free, and I am so much more self-assured, and self confident. I am truly grateful! Thank you.

Soul Series: Discover Your Purpose, and Manifest Your Destiny + Jupiter Sound Meditation (In-Studio) – Christina .

An amazing journey. I learned how to shift from thinking and doing to observing what happens inside. I discover a new deeper connection to my soul and higher purpose. A new awareness. I feel I made progress in my spiritual journey. Thank you for your guidance Christina.

Handling Anxiety and Fear, and Getting Rid of Worry (In-studio) – Christina.

Loved the session so much! It was first time doing guided meditation and Christina really explained it well.

Absolutely love Christina and her calming energy.

I’m going through some massive transitions in my life. The session was very transformative and powerful. Christina helped me to shift and unblock energy stuck in my body, and what I need to let go of. The effect is gentle but I feel this energy flow freeing in me – a quiet confidence and connection to myself that I haven’t felt for a long time. An increased confidence and empowered me to deal with anxiety. Her session is beautiful and filled with love and light. Truly grateful.

Christina guide through the meditation well.

R & R Meditations (In-Studio) – Swami Nadam .

Swami provide detail guidance and such cool and calm experience


Very different and special. it’s not calm, it’s loud. The teacher is great and guides you through the experience and techniques., also provides feedback what to improve and what else to expect with further meditations.

Active Meditation in the City (IN-STUDIO) – Swami Nadam

Energising and liberating experience! Swami Nadam was a peaceful and skilled guide(: Different compared to quiet mediation as it requires us to be less shy and truly immerse in the experience, worth it as it is very refreshing at the end! Will come again 🙂

Yoga Nidra + Himalayan Singing Bowls : Rest & Reconnect to Wholeness (IN-STUDIO) – Christina .

Just one word: Wow.

Yoga Nidra + GONGS (IN-STUDIO) – James .

Wonderful experience! Sessions led by James are all amazing, and his voice is very calming.

Amazing class with a good flow. love the sound when James plays the gong.

James was really patient with us newcomers! Had a really interesting experience!

A unique experience indeed! Thank you.

Absolutely fantastic experience! I slept soundly & James’ verbal instructions were loud and clear during the meditation. Highly recommend!

Very relaxing. Highly recommend.

Both teacher and place were very good.

Rest & Reconnect to Wholeness with Yoga Nidra (LIVESTREAM) – Felicia .

Felicia was kind, patient & nurturing.. I had a refreshing rest with her guidance.

Small class with just 2 students. Felt very rested and energized after. Thank you!

Great session by Felicia.

Felicia delivered the therapy with such grace, patience and assurance. Had a deeply sensual and divine awakening. Thank you.

Super nice ambience! Great place to relax

Meditation for Beginners / Meditation for Busy Minds / LEARN TO MEDITATE with Svetlana

Wow amazing experience! Not quite sure if i was really meditating (first time doing this) as I still have thoughts drifting in and out but felt so much lighter after everything. Would definitely come back for more.

Amazing! had a great session with Svetlana. felt so much lighter and relieve after the active meditation. have an open mind and try it at least once!

Svetlana is a wonderful facilitator! Really enjoy attending sessions she holds. Thank you Svetlana 🙂

Highly recommend. Be yourself, let loose, this is your chance! (Osho Kundalini class)

Love Svetlanas energy; gentle, loving and zen. Great practice and technique for meditation 🙂

Interesting and unique class! Felt a immense sense of inner peace at the end of the session

It was a different method of meditation. it helps me to feel better. the teacher is nice and explained what the session will be like.

Instruction was clear and easy to follow, here completed my meditation experience, thanks Svetlana!

Svetlana is a fantastic facilitator. So soothing, her energy is so calm.

Svetlana’s class is always great! Amazing class!

First time doing meditation so this can be abit abstract

Good to learn about active meditation

Never experienced meditation like this

Wonderful awesome lesson.

Powerful!! Cried happy tears.

Very relaxing and informative. 

Educational and unique

Nice introduction


Super interesting


Inner Calm with Meditation (IN-STUDIO) with Svetlana

Great session and instructor and friendly to beginners

Third Eye Meditation (IN-STUDIO) – Svetlana.

First facilitated meditation class. Was such a great experience, with superb guidance from the instructor and a great environment. Just booked my next class!

Interesting class

Heart Chakra Meditation – Svetlana.

Svetlana was such a calm and relaxing presence. loved the experience with her.

YOGA NIDRA + GONGS : Rest & Reconnect to Wholeness – Christina.

Deeply transformational. I’ve been coming for this class every week with Christina, and I’m extremely grateful. I love how she gently guides and leads me to relax and heal. It has been profound for me, I have had so many breakthroughs and deep insights. Thank you so much.

Wow Christina’s Yoga Nidra is so powerful. I was so immersed by the body scanning, the state of mind was so calm and present. Last night I was knocked out pretty fast, usually I take a while to get into the mood of sleeping.

Always the best lunch break self care routine *learning meditation is such an inspirational path to self awareness and mind detox.

Another amazing session. A lovely space to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Really relaxing session. Lovely environment. Think it helped me sleep that night!

This class was amazing! Came into a very deep relaxation where intention and answers are sought one another, got my focus back in my life’s journey.

Class was beautiful as usual! Thank you for opening a lunchtime slot. A great midday break for self-care as we learn how to work on ourselves to release tensions and stresses that our body has accumulated. Highly recommend!

Christina has such a wonderful energy and presence. I had a deeply healing and awakening experience. I feel AMAZING! Lovely studio.

Incredible experience. Felt so rested and relaxed after that.

Amazing experience as Christina brings you to different states of sleep. Highly recommend!

Christina’s voice is so smoothing. I was subconscious most of the time and the Gong was so incredible.

A very beautiful space and a pleasant experience! Felt so refreshed & energised after the session. Will defo return for other classes, thanks Christina!

A space that everyone needs for healing. I am glad this space exists. I can always count on Christina.

Great and relaxing experience 🙂 left feeling calm and grounded. Highly recommended.

Christina was lovely as usual! Missed being all relaxed & rejuvenated after so long (‘;

Superb session by Christina to end the work week. 

Great experience! Christina has a soothing & calming voice. Wonderful.

Nourished my body, mind and soul. Amazing session by Christina!

Amazing session. I go deep v quickly w the gong

A very relaxing class 🙂

Great session

Transformational as usual!!

Lovely space and relaxing experience 🙂

Really relaxing and wonderful

Awesome! Love the session and the space!



Very nice class to calm the mind and remove unwanted thoughts. Removed my headache that I had the whole day too.

Integral Meditation & Mindfulness Tue (LIVE STREAM ONLINE) with Toby

Really grateful I took away a good and useful meditation technique of being conscious of internal external and concentrating on the breathing gate(breathing technique). Ive just started meditating a month ago and today is the first time I felt a way to meditate deeper with his methods. I was even aware that my body’s going to a sleeping state. truly a meditation practitioner for 20 years sensei !

Toby was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about meditation, and was effective in guiding us through a session on deep meditation.

Toby was very detailed in he’s teaching. If you doesn’t understand, he will try to explain it through visualisation. Enjoyed the class. Thank you!

Great explanation about the meditation by Toby. Good pace of meditation. Enjoyed it!

Toby has a gentle n soothing voices, he taught about light meditation and using heighten experiences to sooth the mind .. it is great to try.

The explanation was very clear and the class was really helpful to ease into basic healing meditation.

This was an interesting experience for a complete beginner such as myself. It increased my self awareness and my consciousness of those around me. Highly recommend!

I felt I can do anything if I do put my mind to it! Deep insights and thank you again Toby!

Toby is a very experience meditator and I like that the class incorporated different methods of variation. I felt calm and rejuvenated after that. Thanks!

A great experience with themed meditation. I had a very deep session thankfully to the guidance of Toby. Thank you

Listen and be mindful of our inner voice. Be at peace with ourselves. Thank you for sharing with us some gem from todays class.

Very interesting though a little heavy on the explanations so it was very informative but a lot to absorb in the evening. Nonetheless very good.

For newcomers, its pretty interesting. I enjoyed the class, even though I find it hard. The instructor is great! Consider coming back again.

Space2b is the space to be!!! Wonderful class by Toby, loved what he shared.

It was just the right mix between mindful practice and theory.

Really calming, really kickstarted my work into beliefs and reactions.

Great meditation class. Felt lighter after the session.

Guided meditation using visualisation in a safe space.

Toby is fantastic, such a great and rewarding class.

Thanks Toby for the class and sharing useful info with us!

The meditation is very relaxing

Interesting but not easy to grasp

Highly recommended

Very relaxing class!

Thanks Master Toby !


Toby is an amazing instructor!

The Gift of Mindfulness (LIVE STREAM ONLINE) with Erin

This mindfulness session helps me get grounded in calmness to start my hectic day ahead. It’s a gift indeed!

Relaxing and positive.

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We strive for 5!

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