A special weekend of inspiration, renewal.
Renew with SPACE2B Day Retreat in sound, movement, meditation and beyond, in silence and stillness.
2 to 4 April 2021


What You’ll Get

An exploration of creative techniques and practices in bringing fuller consciousness to the power of your thoughts, relationships, body, emotions, energy and spirituality.

Pause and allow things to unfold. Slowing down helps you be more aware of what is going on within you. We invite you to gift yourself this opportunity to be in practice… observe what is going on within you spiritually, listen to your thoughts and identify your feelings.

Topics include
Movement: Basic Yoga, Awaken your Yoga Practice, Art of Free Movement, TRE® + Gongs, Yin Yoga + Gongs,
Meditation: Yoga Nidra, Opening the Heart, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, From Chaos to Stillness, Mystical Fragrance,
and mesmerising Sound experiences – the flower of sound journey, deep ocean sound journey, crystal bowls, gongs + tibetan bowls.
Feel free to book your Private Wellness Sessions: Aura Soma® therapy, Astrology, BodyTalk Healing, Reiki, Breatheology™, CranioSacral therapy (CST), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT).


A special time to reflect and gain guidance. Your soul has limitless knowledge, infinite wisdom and boundless energy. Love begins and ends with you. Connect with the beautiful light that dwells in your being and represents your soul.

A life-transforming weekend adventure!


DAY 1 | APRIL 02

9:30a.m. | Awaken Your YOGA Practice Workshop  75mins by Christina

11:00a.m. | Yoga Nidra + Gongs  60mins by James

12:30p.m. | Tantric Meditation: Opening the Heart + Crystal Bowls 60mins by Christina

2:00p.m. | The Flower of Sound Journey 60mins by Christina + James

5:00p.m. | Gongs + Tibetan Singing Bowls 60mins by Penny


DAY 2 | APRIL 03

9:30a.m. | Art of Free Movement Workshop 75mins by Christina

11:00a.m. | Mind Series: Releasing Limiting Beliefs 60mins by Christina

12:30p.m.  | Yin Yoga + Gongs 60mins by James + Mei

2:00p.m.  | Deep Ocean Sound Journey 60mins by Christina + James

3:30p.m. | Crystal Bowls : Divine Healing 60mins by Aki

5:00p.m. | TRE + Gongs Workshop 75mins by Svetlana + James


DAY 3 | APRIL 04

8:00a.m. | From Chaos to Stillness by Owen

9:30a.m. | Basic Yoga by Mei

5:30p.m. | Mystical Fragrance by Owen

Classes, workshops and private sessions are held at space2b.

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