Loving Ourselves for the Uniqueness of Who We Are

Free yourself from the busyness of the day to day, and seek to soften, and embody your body. We dive deeply into the sacred stillness and silence through this ceremony of self-love and nourishment.

What You’ll Experience

The complete experience is a ceremonial journey taking place
from 8:30am to 2:00pm (with 3-course lunch at Raffles Courtyard included) or 4:30pm to 8pm (no meals included) comprising:

Check-in at Raffles Spa at 8.30am or 4:30pm

60-minute De-stress Massage
Applied with ISUN-infused gemstone massage oil where the aromas of vetiver, chamomile and sandalwood assist in calming an overactive mind. The massage helps bring you to a more restful state while natural healing ingredients effectively enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Complimentary use of Raffles Spa hydrotherapy facilities including Steam Room, Sauna, Ice Fountain and Vitality Pool

60-minute Self Love Meditation + Crystal Bowls Sound Healing
by Christina Nikolovski 
Increase your self-love, and open to more light. Learn to love and nurture yourself, to release things that are not loving to you, and to create new, positive beliefs. Think of, discover, and put into practice many new ways to be loving to yourself. This process is useful if you find yourself blocked or resisting things that you know are good for you

The session is accompanied by the Alchemy Crystal Bowls Sound Healing to move into the higher vibration of your soul, to lift you into higher states of consciousness. The vibrations and resonance assist you in experiencing the space of the eternal now, and the silence of the Divine.


Date: 8 March 2022, Tuesday 8:30am to 2pm

Price: SGD$485 nett (valued at $780) with 3-course lunch at Raffles Courtyard per person
Price indicated is strictly for 1 pax.


Date: 8 March 2022, Tuesday 4:30am to 8pm

Price: SGD$435 nett (valued at $730) without dinner per person.
Price indicated is strictly for 1 pax.

Where: Raffles Hotel Spa

Programme fees are non-refundable and admits one guest per session. Date changes will be allowed more than 48 hours before the session begins. Registration starts 8.30am or 4:30pm at Raffles Spa.


Once your purchase of the experience is confirmed, a Raffles Spa representative will be in touch with you to confirm the time slot for the 60-minute De-stress Massage that is included as part of the programme. The treatment timeslots are available at 10:00am or 4:45pm.

What to Bring

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can sit and lie down in. Go bare feet during the session. Guests are encouraged to be in comfortable attire. With the current restrictions in place, please bring along your personal yoga mats and towels.

Safe Management Measures

Access to the spa and shower facilities is permitted to fully vaccinated* guests. All guests shall present their proof of vaccination status via the Trace Together or HealthHub app upon registration at the Raffles Spa.

Guests are reminded to observe 2-metres physical distancing between other guests and 3-metres between groups. Masks have to be worn as default throughout the programme and during treatments.

Booking-related Enquiries Contact: +65 6412 1377

For More Info. & Reservation Email: rafflesspa.singapore@raffles.com

About Raffles Hotel Spa
Located in the revitalised Singapore historic landmark Raffles Hotel Arcade and nestled within the serene gardens of the iconic Grande Dame, the wellness journey experience begins as the guests step into the welcoming Raffles Spa.

The beautiful Raffles Spa is a holistic sanctuary offering a pampered  spa experience of  renewed sense of well-being to both its guests and the community. Raffles Spa creates the opportunity to take its guests on a rejuvenating journey with a carefully composed array of therapeutic body and facial treatments. The journey is experienced  amidst Raffles distinctive and unique  tranquil setting of seven treatment suites named after gemstones including a tranquil private and exclusive couple suite, The Gem Suite facilities include steam bath, sauna, ice fountain as well as a heated pool, complemented with individual  shower and dressing rooms. Guests are able to enjoy bespoke, restorative treatments such as hydrothermal experiences. The authentic Raffles Spa journeys are inspired by the prominent wellness philosophies unique to  Asia combined with soothing massages and personalised facial treatments.

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