Celebrating International Women’s Week with a soul-satisfying island retreat

10 to 12 March 2021


What You’ll Get

Goddess Retreat at Capella Singapore starts from SGD$2,565 and includes:

Two-night accommodation in a Premier Seaview Room from 10 to 12 March 2021
Daily breakfast for two at The Knolls
Three-day curated wellness retreat with nutritious Afternoon Tea at The Knolls
Complimentary overnight parking per room for the duration of stay



DAY 1 | MARCH 10
1:00p.m. | Check in to Capella Singapore

3:00p.m. | Rest and Reconnect to Wholeness with Yoga Nidra (Tantric Meditation) 60mins by Christina

6:00p.m. | Goddess Flow Yoga (Yoga) 60mins by Susu


DAY 2 | MARCH 11

8:00a.m. | Sensing, Feeling and Moving: Body-Mind Integration (Movement) 60mins by Svetlana

10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. | Aura Soma® Private Therapy Session 30mins by Yoshie
(Guest is required to pre-schedule the session in advance; first come first serve basis)

6:00p.m. | “BE YOUR SELF” Mandala, Sound & Cacao Ceremony (Ceremony) 60mins by Scarlett

DAY 3 | MARCH 12

8:00a.m. | Sound of the Earth: Yidaki (Didjeridu) + Gong

12:00p.m. | Check out

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Begin your journey of spiritual awakening with Capella Singapore’s Goddess Retreat from 10 to 12 March 2021. Partnering with homegrown wellness studio Space2B, the three-day soul-satisfying retreat introduces self-awareness as a practical tool and offers an experiential practice based on three elements – movement, meditation, and sound healing amidst the hotel’s lush grounds famed by the South China Sea.

The holistic ladies-only retreat comprises a two-nights’ accommodation in Capella Singapore’s Premier Seaview Room, a curated afternoon tea session at the resort’s Mediterranean restaurant The Knolls, and a curated wellness itinerary featuring Space2B’s signature workshops. Through a series of experiences including Yoga Nidra (Tantric Meditation), Goddess Flow Yoga and Cacao Ceremony, guests are guided on an eye-opening journey to using their feminine spirit to guide them to greater self-confidence, energy, and vitality.

With the soundscape of the island adding to the experience, the retreat presents a unique Dreamtime Soundscape Experience, designed by layering and weaving powerful energies and sounds, curated by musician Yidaki (Didjeridu) player, Reggie, and Gong player, Christina. The duet produces a cascade of heavenly soothing and opening sounds to bring the body into renewal through deep relaxation, and bringing an awareness of your deep inner self.

All guests will also receive a private Aura Soma® therapy session, where they will be guided through a completely customized self-selection session of the Equilibrium bottles, and through the colours drawn not only provides a better understanding of one’s personality but also revealing a greater potential to wholeness and wellbeing.