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Revitalize your scalp, hair, and mind – all three with one, rich hair oil. 

Smoothly textured while also maintaining moisture, this oil can be used for both your scalp and hair. Use it for a scalp massage to relieve stiffness and improve the texture, as a scalp pre-treatment, or use it as hair oil and apply it directly onto your hair, and watch the tips of your hair come together in a silky and luscious way.

Size: 40 ml


Sanguisorba, English ivy, althea root, and arnica, in addition to Waphyto’s proprietary blend of organic mulberry, horsetail, mugwort, gotu kola, and chrysanthemum. The formula also includes six nourishing plant oils to create a luxurious beauty blend. The balanced scent has a deep yet calming aroma of sandalwood, orange, cedarwood, fennel, and more, giving your scalp and mind a moment to relax.


  • Basic Scalp Massage: Use on towel-dried or dry scalp.
    1. Comb through your hair and apply the oil directly and evenly onto your scalp. (Amount: 1 drop for each area, 2 to 4 drops from your hairline to the nape of the neck. Repeat on the other side.)
    2. Use your fingertips to apply the oil and massage your scalp. Apply to your hair as well to moisturize. Take deep breaths and enjoy the scent.
  • Pre-Treatment: Use before shampoo to lightly release any tension by massaging your scalp. Apply more than the recommended amount shown above and massage into your scalp evenly, then rinse.
  • Hair Oil: Apply a few drops on dry hair for soft and glossy hair.

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Health Benefits

Beauty Glow, Energy, Mind, Mood, Recovery, Relax, Sleep