Regena Toner – Waphyto


The first step in our signature hydrating process is this deeply luxurious toner lotion. After washing your face dispense an appropriate amount on your palm and
gently apply it to the entire face.

In addition to Waphyto’s proprietary nutrient-rich botanicals, this lotion toner is enriched with moisturizing Someiyoshino, Suizenjinori, and Noni. A special blend of twelve essential oils – including jasmine, frankincense, geranium, Roman chamomile, ylang-ylang, cinnamomum camphora and vetiver – gives it a refreshing scent that uplifts the senses.

Size: 145 ml


Squeeze 3-4 pumps into the palm of your hand.
Spread the product between the palms of both hands and down to your fingertips.
First, admire the fragrance of the aromatics, then let the toner soak in.
Apply to your face with your hands, as if you were wrapping your face in the fragrance.
Slowly and gently, blend the toner into the skin, slowly and gently.

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Health Benefits

Beauty Glow, Energy, Mind, Mood, Recovery, Relax, Sleep