A 60 min Individual Private Session with Jenn is S$150. 90mins is $200.
Package of 3 sessions is S$390.
Package of 6 sessions is S$660.

A 60 min Couple Private Session with Jenn is S$200. 90mins is $250.

  • Tension and Trauma Release (TRE®) with Jenn

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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®️ Private Session

TRE®️ stands for Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises and is an excellent self-care and stress-release method to support your mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being. TRE®️ is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of tension and stress. These patterns are formed when we go through stressful experiences and a large amount of energy, mobilized by the body, gets trapped in the muscles and especially in the psoas muscle, also called ‘the stress muscle’. Psoas that is chronically tight and strained leads to many aches and pains in the lower back and pelvis, postural problems, menstrual cramps and feeling of exhaustion. Through TRE®️ we discharge this stressful energy by activating a unique, naturally inbuilt mechanism of muscular shaking or vibration within the body.

Once evoked in a safe environment, these reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing, relaxing the body and calming the nervous system. Helping the body to release excess of stressful energy, TRE®️ helps to create feelings of relaxation, peace and wellbeing. This is an excellent method to create natural calm and patience, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase energy and vitality.

In your private TRE®️ session, supported by the instructor, you will get hands-on experience of using this method. You will be equipped with knowledge and understanding about theoretical basis of this method and what makes it such a powerful resource. You will also receive guidance on how to utilize it as a self-help tool so that it can serve you in your day-to-day life.

*If you are pregnant or recently had a surgery or injury please contact us before booking this session.