(Tantric Tools for More Loving Relationships)

Date: 6 March 2020, Friday
Workshop hours: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Teachers: Christina Nikolovski

Costs: Single:$50 | Early Bird(7 days before the event)/Member: $38
Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721

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Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart
The practice of eye gazing is an ancient practice found in both Hindu and Buddhist Tantra as well as in the Sufi tradition. This meditation can help deepen your relationships with friends, lovers – and yourself. Some of the benefits of this practice include: becoming more present, opening our hearts, giving us an altered state of consciousness and expanding our awareness of the Divine in all beings.

Full Body, Awakened Mind.
“There is another way, a breath of love, that takes you all the way to infinity.” – Rumi
What if you could awaken and energise the ecstatic potential of your life force energy? What if you could control your outcomes and change results simply by regulating your breath?

Tap into your infinite stores of energy, find stillness and deepen your path to spiritual awakening. The secret is just a breath away. Expand your energy through simple yet profound power of your breath! This will totally transform your relationship to yourself and your world.
All are welcome – whether single, in a couple, or in-between.