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It’s inevitable. Whether it’s work lunches or social dinners, fatty meals low in nutrients happen to everyone. Here’s the good news: something® for the calorie bombs contains bean extract and chromium that contribute to normal macronutrient metabolism. It also contains quitosan that assists in the absorption and excretion of lipids. Both combined can prevent the absorption of unwanted calories from fats and simple carbohydrates into the blood stream. So not only will your body thank you, but your scale too. Pizza and pasta here we come!

– Blocks the absorption of 40% of fat intake per meal (regardless the amount of fat) and diminishes the digestion of carbohydrates;
– Ingredients bind to fat from meals electrostatically in the stomach. Instead of the fat being absorbed by the body, it is excreted.
– By regulating sugar and fat metabolization it improves energy levels
– Regulates constipation

Product is: vegan | GMO free | refined sugar free | gluten free | lactose free.

Welcome to the post-chemical society.
You’re Something® pharmacy!

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Are all the remedies natural and vegan?

All of the Biocol Lab products are made with natural ingredients. Most cures and supplements are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and refined sugar-free. Find more of the Biocol labs plant-based remedies on our website. A detailed list of all ingredients is available on each product page. Biocol Labs is like a plant-based pharmacy for all your remedies!

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Creating completely new health essentials: plant-based, doctor-approved, and straight-talking solutions focused on the needs of modern life, which traditional healthcare doesn’t fulfill. Founded in 1977, Biocol Labs is a family-run laboratory ahead of its time, believing that mineral and plant-based science would ultimately make the chemical pharma industry redundant. Providing a range of health essentials that are plant-based and straight-talking, the brand meets the needs of modern life. Treat your body with the kindness it deserves!

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