23 February 2024, Friday
22 March 2024, Friday
26 April 2024, Friday
24 May 2024, Friday
28 June 2024, Friday
12 July 2024, Friday
21 July 2024, Sunday, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
26 July 2024, Friday
23 August 2024, Friday
22 November 2024, Friday
27 December 2024, Friday

Hours : 7pm to 9pm

Facilitator: Shi Min

Costs:$100 per session
Members do contact us if you’d like to deduct 2 credits from your membership.

Studio Membership applies.
BRONZE (4 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $180 |
SILVER (10 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $380.00 |
*Share with your family and friends.

Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721


Wouldn’t you love to experience more bliss in your life, to move your body and fill up with the essence of who you are? We will create a safe and nourishing space for you to connect with yourself, the cacao spirit and others deeply. Where you can open your heart and be present, as we share cacao together, and experience collectively a boost in mood, vitality, intuition and empathy.

Cacao improves our mood, brain health and immune system, regulates the nervous system and blood pressure. It is a natural remedy for anxiety, and it makes us feel relaxed and happy at the same time, as serotonin is released when we take cacao. Being rich in antioxidants, cacao helps fight free radicals and slows down ageing. Cacao also helps us to do deep inner work and processing.

We will begin with intention setting, and then drink the cacao together as a group. When we all drink cacao together, we are shifting our energy into the same energetic frequency. This is a healing experience for our body, mind and spirit, as it often results in a more intimate connection with ourselves and one another. Being in a sacred space, it opens our heart and mind, inspiring us and creating new ideas.

After which, we will move our body to music to feel and express ourselves, connecting with our heart and soul. This is followed by a sound journey, and then we will close the ceremony with gratitude.

*You may wish to bring a notebook and pen to jot down notes. Also, feel free to bring your crystals, etc. to charge on the altar.