MEINL Sonic Energy Bells


The Meinl Sonic Energy Bell is available in three different versions:
● Bell only in size M
● Bell in size M inclusive Dorje
● Bell only in size XL

MEINL Sonic Energy Bell Medium (B-M)

Size: 3.5 ” / 9 cm
Weight: 12.5 oz / 355 g

MEINL Sonic Energy Bell & Dorje Medium (BD-M)

Size: 3.5 ” / 9 cm
Weight: 14.3 oz / 405 g

MEINL Sonic Energy Bell X-Large (B-XL)

Size: 4.3 / 11 cm
Weight: 24.7 oz / 700 g

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Particularities: – Handcrafted masterpiece – Made in India – Special cast alloy – Used for meditation

Description: The MEINL Bells are handcrafted in India and made from a cast alloy. Used for meditation and as ritual implement and instrument of the Buddhism, the bell which is held in the left hand is a symbol of the female principle and represents wisdom. The additional Dorje is held in the right hand and is a symbol of the male principle and represents accomplishment and wealth. Combined together they stand for the path to enlightenment.


The Bell (also called Ghanta) and the dorje (also called Viajra or Thunderbolt) are among the most important Buddhist ritual objects. They are often found on Buddhist home altars, but are also popular tools during meditation or sound therapy treatments.

Like Yin & Yang

Ghanta represents the female principle, the feminine energy, the symbol of impermanence, wisdom and Yin, while Dorje symbolizes the male, unshakable principle – Yang. When the Bell and Dorje are united, it is said, that inner unity and an unimpeded flow of energy is created. During meditation or rituals, the Dorje is held in the right hand and the Bell in the left. The Dorje is not an instrument, but with its two poles it could have a positive effect on the flow of energy. Furthermore, it is said to be able to loosen energetic blockages or even to dissolve them completely.

Detailed decoration

Meinl Sonic Energy Bells have a finely decorated handle. The upper part of the handle corresponds to the design of the Dorje. The face visible on the handle shows Prajnaparamita, the goddess of wisdom.

The four clasps at each end of the Dorje stand for the eight virtues of Buddhism. In the center of the dorje is the sphere, which is also the central element.

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MEINL Sonic Energy Bell Medium (B-M), MEINL Sonic Energy Bell & Dorje Medium (BD-M), MEINL Sonic Energy Bell X-Large (B-XL)