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Hours: 10:30am – 11:30am
Facilitator: Aki

Costs:$50 per session
Members do contact us if you’d like to deduct 1 credit from your membership.

Studio Membership applies.
BRONZE (4 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $180 |
SILVER (10 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $380.00 |
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Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721


Today people are becoming inspired to gain a deeper awareness about the meaningful aspects of inner-wellness, self-love and inner peace. When considered holistically, this self-inquiry also involves the mindful reflection of the food we choose to eat, the supplements we take, the sounds we listen to, the quality of our sleep and so on.

Ikigai is a powerful and traditional lifestyle concept that can be found if you carefully listen to your own inner-voice. The aim of our unique class ‘Ikigai’ is to guide you to hear your internal heart voice.

We will open your heart by using a tuning fork while harmoniously playing specifically selected crystal bowls including ‘Itoigawa Jade’. This crystal bowl’s intrinsic character enables the impossible to be possible, allowing the possibility to align with any intensions for Success and Growth.

If you write your dream discovered by truly listening to your heart,I can direct Reiki specifically to that dream. Alternatively, should you have a personally significant crystal, you can choose to bring this with you. I can direct reiki to your crystal if you prefer.

After our recent global pandemic, a miscellaneous type of life style is more openly accepted. By finding your IKIGAI, we hope everybody is true to your heart and find your new journey in your life.

Let us together explore and assist to find your own IKIGAI, your unique and true Reason for Being.