Embrace your Divine Feminine


Available Dates:

  • 27 February 2023, Monday
  • 20 March 2023, Monday
  • 24 April 2023, Monday
  • 15 May 2023, Monday
  • 19 June 2023, Monday
  • 17 July 2023, Monday
  • 21 August 2023, Monday
  • 18 September 2023, Monday
  • 16 October 2023, Monday
  • 20 November 2023, Monday
  • 18 December 2023, Monday

If above dates are not suitable, do write to us at info@space2b.sg for possible alternatives.

Workshop hours: 7pm – 9pm 

Teacher: Shi Min

Costs:$100 per session
Members do contact us if you’d like to deduct 2 credits from your membership.

Studio Membership applies.
BRONZE (4 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $180 |
SILVER (10 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $380.00 |
*Share with your family and friends.

Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721


A woman is a daughter/ mother/ sister/ wife/ somebody – when all she longs to be, is just simply be herself. Embrace your sensual essence, and experience a deeper relationship with your body and self. We will explore and learn how to connect with your sensual being, with your body and heart, and reawaken your sensuality through movement.

In this special workshop, you will learn how to connect with your inner feminine soul and feel how good it is to express yourself through your own unique body movements, in a safe and comfortable space.

We will start with learning about the Divine Feminine, and how the womb plays an important part besides childbirth. Next, you would be guided through an experience on how to feel your empowered and confident Divine Feminine, and express your body in ways that feel good to you.

Feel intimately connected with your body and heart, and experience how it feels to be in love with yourself, and with life.