Available Dates:

  • 6 January 2023, Friday
  • 27 January 2023, Friday
  • 3 February 2023, Friday
  • 31 March 2023, Friday
  • 30 June 2023, Friday
  • 29 September 2023, Friday
  • 29 December 2023, Friday

Hours: 7pm to 9pm
Teacher: Swami Nadam

Costs:$100 per session
Members do contact us if you’d like to deduct 2 credits from your membership.

Studio Membership applies.
BRONZE (4 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $180 |
SILVER (10 sessions) MEMBERSHIP: $380 |
*Share with your family and friends.

Where: SPACE 2B, 2B Stanley Street, Singapore 068721


When we find ourselves off-centred, ungrounded or out of balanced, this may be that we over-emphasized our activities on certain chakra (energy) centers. This Meditation invites you to first relax into your own 7-point chakra system, before creating and generating your own sounds to attune your chakras. The session will end with gentle written contemplation.
Come in comfortable clothing. Avoid a heavy meal at least an hour before this meditation.