Instinctive Meditation™

Instinctive Meditation™ is an approach to meditation that makes meditation feel like the most natural thing in the world. It recognises that meditation is an innate ability that we all have—a biological instinct for recovery, pleasure and connection that just needs to be awakened.

Human beings have been spontaneously meditating in countless ways for thousands of years: being awestruck by some aspect of nature, falling in love with another being or with life itself, experiencing the sheer joy of being alive, enjoying moments of deep rest, feeling an intimate connection with the sacred…

With a little instruction, meditation can become your go-to resource for:

  • enhancing your appreciation of life
  • deepening your love for whatever you cherish
  • self-care and personal support
  • recovering from stress
  • preparing for upcoming challenges or difficult situations
  • discovering your creativity and inner resources

Instinctive Meditation™ is a synergy of ancient yogic meditation techniques and the emerging science of meditation. It is infinitely customisable to your needs, preferences and personal situation.

Anyone can meditate—no prior experience is required, and meditation is open to all regardless of personal, religious or spiritual beliefs.

Why private coaching?

In a 1-1 setting, you will receive fully personalised instruction and guidance that is unique to you. No more generic meditations that you can’t get into, and no more wondering why you just can’t seem to make meditation work. With the support of a coach, you’ll figure out your particular doorways into the meditative state that you can access with ease and without struggle. You’ll also get the chance to ask as many questions as you like, receive support and work through any obstacles that you’re facing.

Private coaching is the best way to get to the heart of meditation, and especially to learn how to craft your own personal meditation practice. Empower yourself to understand how meditation works, what is and isn’t right for you, and how to incorporate it seamlessly into your life.


Breath Coaching

Breath is the essence of life. It is the most important physiological nutrient that we need to live—we can survive without food and water for days, but without air we will die within minutes.

Each of us has unique, and sometimes dysfunctional, breathing patterns that we have built up and internalised over the course of a lifetime, largely based on how we respond to life experiences. How we breathe has a vast impact on many areas of our life, including our sleep, energy levels, mood and focus, digestive and immune health, physical fitness, and psycho-emotional states of being.

By bringing awareness, understanding and transformation to your breath, you can:


  • improve your health, especially if you suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies
  • enhance fitness and physical performance
  • sleep better so you feel energised and refreshed on waking
  • reduce pain and inflammation and recover faster from injuries
  • set yourself up for better-quality functional movement with less pain and injuries
  • cultivate better body awareness and explore your embodied self


  • improve your focus, concentration and attention span
  • train yourself to shift state from stress to relaxation
  • reduce anxiety and panic
  • gain a sense of calmness and ease
  • create space around your thoughts, especially when you have a whirling or racing mind


  • help yourself process and transform emotions healthily
  • cultivate a sense of peace and space even in challenging situations
  • be more closely in touch with yourself and your felt responses to the world
  • gain confidence in yourself and your ability to handle life


  • connect with the source of your energy, life force, higher power or whatever you call it
  • explore altered states of consciousness safely and without the use of substances other than air
  • take the next step towards a meditative or inner-oriented practice
  • integrate meditative, spiritual or psychedelic experiences on a practical or physical level
  • live a life of simplicity and gratitude for being alive

Why private coaching?

In private breath coaching, you get the benefit of a trained professional assessing your breath patterns and recommending practices to you based on your specific needs and goals. Vaishali has experience across a broad spectrum of breath training: from scientific and functional methods like Oxygen Advantage, to the ancient techniques of yoga, pranayama and meditation, as well as modern somatic and movement-based approaches.

You’ll get to dive deep into whatever aspect of breathing interests you, and eliminate confusion about what’s right or not right, what works or doesn’t work. Over the course of a series of sessions, you’ll also build up a repertoire of practical and personal breathwork protocols that will meet you exactly where you are in any given moment, and help you transform your state of being to get you where you want to be.
A 60 min Individual Private Session is S$150. 90min is S$180.
Package of 5 sessions (60mins) is S$700. Package of 5 sessions (75mins) is S$800.

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