Are you looking for:

    • Mental focus and clarity?
    • The ability to feel and touch peace, happiness and relaxation each day AND become more able to accomplish the life goals that you wish for?
    • Very personalized guidance relating to the specific issues at hand that could range from life’s purpose,

emotional connection, shadow issues, technical meditation challenges, developing self-confidence, advice on spiritual issues and so on…

  • Help to pinpoint exactly what meditation/awareness practices would be most “right” or effective for you in solving your daily challenges and problems?
  • Practical guidance on how to get the best results from your meditation practice relatively quickly and easily?
  • A system of meditation that is easily customizable to your needs, circumstances and inclinations?

Testimonials from clients:
“I was a relative newcomer to meditation and had some previous lessons before I first came to see Toby. However, after one lesson with Toby I learned more than I did in all my previous sessions and realised how important it was to have an experienced teacher. He was able to explain the basic methods to me in a way that made sense and my practices very quickly improved. Almost a year later I still benefit from each of our sessions and always come away learning something and feeling good. Thanks Toby” -meditation coaching client.

“Learning to meditate has been one of my most profound and enriching experiences. Toby is a masterful teacher and facilitator. He’s able to bridge his in-depth knowledge and experience as a monk and make it accessible to anyone — whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or busy executive.” -DB.


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