Swami Nadam




What is Active Meditation?
Active Meditation is the process of mindfully and intentionally creating an action or a series of action to help us bring our focus to the present moment. This can be through movement, sound or breathwork or a combination of these.

Why Active Meditation?
Modern city living demands much from us. We are always on the go. We are juggling multiple things at the same time. Distractions are ever present at every turn. The idea of always moving, always achieving, always getting more has become part of our psyche. Seeking to meditate, to enter into silence, by just sitting still is a challenge for many of us.

Through a series of guided activities, one is slowly eased into a meditative space. This process is especially helpful for busy individuals. Imagine the difference between applying sudden emergency braking vs a smooth gradual easing in of brakes to slow and stop a vehicle if you will. For beginners, this is an excellent introduction to slowing down and for active meditators, this helps take you deeper into silence.

What do I need to do?
Come with a curious mind and an open heart to try. Comfortable clothing that allows for some movement will help you best experience the session but your usual clothing is often sufficient. Chairs can be arranged for you if needed. An empty stomach is recommended as some of the techniques may have rigorous movements.

A 60 min Individual Private Session is S$150. 90min is S$180.
Package of 5 sessions (60mins) is S$700. Package of 5 sessions (75mins) is S$800.

Please book here, and email us your preferred day and time: info@space2b.sg