For anyone who wishes to experience awakening, generate, harness and transmute life force energy in your body.
Awakening and transmutation of life force energy is the heart of your tantric practice. The practice activates energies in your body through powerful combination of “active tension-relaxation” asanas, movement, breath work, visualization, mantras, mudra, bandha (energy lock), chakra (energy center), meditation and energy exercises to purify and cultivate the energies of your body, mind and soul to heighten your body senses, perceptions, and awareness. You’ll learn to generate and contain more energy in your body, direct energies for rejuvenation and for self healing.
* Tantra, Energy, Awareness, Sex and Spirit
* Breathwork & Sexual Ecstasy
* Generating and Transmuting Sexual Energy

Well-being is not just a physical state but is also a product of our emotions, behaviors, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual connections. If you are not clear how to go about integrating desired changes in your life, feel stuck in your personal growth, and want to create ways to actively support your own health and wellness, this coaching can give you fresh ideas and a new perspective tailored to you. Personal issues related to life transitions of all kinds, balancing life’s demands, emotional resilience, enhancing relationships, communication skills, habit change, and difficult emotions such as grief or anxiety may be explored. This is the time to have a close look at how you feel about yourself and about your life and how well you stayed true to this and yourself.

Shadow Work can allow a profound shift in attitude and emotional well being. The key to unlocking your true authentic power, opening up your heart deeply to love, and finding the confidence to go after everything you want in your life lies hidden in your shadow. Our shadow is made up of all the parts of ourselves that we believe is unacceptable, or that we hide, deny, suppress, reject out of shame, fear, disapprove, or that annoys or disgusts us about other people or about ourselves, or that we don’t see in ourselves – both the positive and the negative. Through this deeply transformational work, you can regain control over the parts of yourself that are now controlling you. Together we uncover the core psychological and behavioural patterns that underlie your issues and work with the source of the issues rather than just working on the symptoms. What you can expect to gain from the sessions:

  • Access resources, strengths and qualities you didn’t know you had
  • Regain confidence and self-esteem
  • Let go of unwanted patterns of behavior
  • Become more accepting of yourself
  • Befriend your deepest emotions
  • Make decisions that reflect your true values and follow through on them
  • Learn to stand up for yourself

Core beliefs about ourselves, others and the world are learned during childhood. Many of us become deeply triggered in our lives by unhealed experiences from childhood, experiences where we did not get our needs met, whether it be love, affection, attention or simple validation.

Inner Child Therapy is effective for a wide range of emotional and mental problems such as: physical, sexual and emotional abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, phobias, grief and loss issues, giving in and pleasing people, shutting down and withdrawing, getting angry and blaming others, being self-critical or critical of others, resisting behavior, control by overachieving, afraid to let go and enjoy life, take life too seriously demanding perfection.

Inner Child Therapy can help you find the courage to stop running away from the pain that keeps you emotionally trapped and encourage you to reconnect with you inner child, providing you with a safe and non-judgmental space to explore, express and work through your painful feelings from the past. In this acceptance, the child will find its true home, the place were you reconnect with trust, emotional wounds will heal, and you will unfold in your uniqueness.

Do you often find yourself entangled in conflicts and limitations, out of sync with your hopes and dreams? Do you repeat old destructive behaviors, unconsciously recreating the conditions you want to avoid? Release old patterns and create an awareness of what you need to know to free your fear, shame, resistance, judgment, grief, into your wholeness.
These sessions can offer you an opportunity to understand, awaken awareness within and transform your relationship with yourself, others and life itself.
You will gain insight towards the practice of loving yourself and those around you in a manner that is deep, true and loving and embracing self-awareness, personal growth, spiritual awakening and lasting transformation as your path.
What you can expect to gain from the sessions:

  • Reconnect to the deep knowing about the true meaning of love
  • Move from trying to get love, to experiencing and sharing love
  • How to truly Love Yourself from the inside more fully
  • Helps you feel, embrace and embody the totality of your Self
  • Creating Love and making a lasting shift into Love
  • You’ll learn to be aware of all feelings, honoring them, receiving and enjoying them.
  • You will realize that your capacity for love and joy is much greater than your fear, or your pain, or your anger
  • Discover how to engage self-love – instead of addictions to food, sex or drugs – to fill your inner emptiness
  • Rediscover your own magnificence, beauty, lovability, integrity, and authenticity
  • Practice techniques to deeply reconnect with your Source of inner love and wisdom—that is the real you

Are you longing for Deeply Satisfying Sexual Fulfillment? Have you felt a loss of sexual desire? Are you experiencing robotic sex that leaves you drained or disinterested? Do you feel separation from your sexuality or sexual partner? Have you felt blamed or shamed when you feel like you’re “not enough”? In awakening your feminine essence and orgasmic power, you will learn to embrace more of your divine feminine (Shakti) energy and learn how to use your sexual energy and orgasmic life force for transformation. You’ll find that you have more love, joy, connection, and energy for everything in your life through the tantric teachings on love and discover love as a real path.

What you can expect to gain from the sessions:

  • Feel safe to unleash your deepest desires
  • Rekindle your dormant sexual fire
  • Enhance and release longer and deeper orgasms including the G-spot and other deep internal orgasms 
and how to work with them if you’ve suffered trauma or pain
  • Open to your sexual-spiritual wholeness
  • Awaken to your sensuous Goddess within to experience your creative and joyous Self
  • Feel greater aliveness, vitality and radiance in your body, heart and spirit
  • Rekindle passion in live, love and intimacy
  • Share profound sexual intimacy with another
  • Cultivate femininity through special Tantric techniques
  • Support your partner in slowing down and being truly present
  • Assist your man in the rediscovery and circulating of his sexual life force energy

Lying at the core of the Tantric Practice is the cultivation of energy – of how a man channel his life force energy to enhance his sexual pleasure and intimate connection with himself and his Beloved.
What you can expect to gain from the sessions:

  • The distinction between orgasm and ejaculation for men
  • Male Multiple Orgasm, Extended Orgasm, Full body orgasm
  • Ejaculation Control – Sexual continence and how it can be achieved
  • An understanding of Sexual energy cultivation for personal transformation and spiritual growth
  • The knowledge and the tantric tools for becoming a more powerful, focused, and strong man
  • The secret to having your partner desire you more
  • How to be an invitation to your woman so she welcomes more intimate exploration
  • How to be grounded in your manhood while connected with your heart
  • Skills to feel sexually confident and fully available to your partner so she feels safe and wants to receive from you
  • How to assist and support your woman in re-awakening her feminine sensuous energy

There is nothing more magical than a healthy loving relationship. Yet when we can’t find the emotional connection, we wind up feeling lost and alone. Are you ready to heal your relationship, or heal yourself so that you can find the relationship of your dreams? Clarify any underlying issues, identify negative patterns that create disconnection, deepen your understanding of what it takes to have an authentic, engaging and deeply emotionally-connection relationship, and strengthen your ability to create your own special language of love that lasts a lifetime.
What you can expect to gain from the sessions:

  • Approach relationships from a position of fullness instead of neediness
  • Realize how to love others in a self-responsible way
  • How to heal the fears and beliefs that create conflict and distance, within your relationship or on your own
  • How you can sustain emotional connection, sexual intimacy and passion over time with yourself and your partner
  • How you can liberate your heart from the intimacy blocks holding you back
  • How to keep love alive throughout your relationship
  • Understanding the intentionality of sex, the surrender of love and the oneness of intimacy as separate overlapping entities
  • Rediscover passion at any age or stage
  • Heal from affairs and betrayal

Coaching for anyone dealing with sexual issues that they would like help resolving.
Issues can include:
* Sexual Traumas, Sexual Abuse
* Sex Addiction
* Female sexual problems (Lack of sexual desire, Difficulties becoming sexually aroused or achieving orgasm, Pain during intercourse)
* Male sexual problems (Erectile dysfunction (difficulty getting/keeping an erection), Premature ejaculation (reaching orgasm too quickly), Delayed or inhibited ejaculation (reaching orgasm too slowly or not at all), Low libido (reduced interest in sex))

The practice of Tantra techniques doesn’t only focus on the physical aspects, but also emphasizes on psychological, energetic and spiritual elements as well. It is a complete, holistic approach to love-making. Tantric Sacred Sexuality is the highest expression of the forth chakra (love) joined to the sixth (consciousness) and elegantly expressed through the second chakra (sex) promising physical and spiritual ecstasy. Through various Tantra techniques, Tantric meditations and mind-body-energy practices, you will learn how to cultivate vibrant energy and then share this with your partner for deeper intimacy and emotional connection.
What you can expect to gain from the sessions:

  • What is spiritual sexuality and how to use energy during lovemaking
  • How to reach new levels in your sexual experiences
  • How can men and women achieve together multiple orgasms
  • The Power of Sexual Transmutation
  • Unleash more passion and more drive in your life
  • Liberate your heart from the intimacy blocks holding you back
  • Become more open to deeper and more authentic connections
  • Take your relationship to a whole new level of bliss and ecstasy

Tantra Massage is an energetic and healing bodywork that will take you into the tantric dimension of your sexuality and spirituality. It focuses on the alignment of body, mind & emotions, soul and spirit through movement, rhythm, breath and touch and heartfelt intention. By working with certain movements on the body, the cells release a lot of deep-seated emotional, mental and spiritual blockages and allow energy to flow more freely, and helps release fear, anger, grief, guilt, negative beliefs, self-criticism, and also deep traumatic memories. By releasing these emotions you are then able to bring in self-love, confidence and joy.

Testimonials of my clients:

“Christina’s level of presence, open-heartedness, impartiality and wisdom provided us with a platform to discuss our different perspectives in regards to the negative patterns in our relationship, and for the first time be able to see it from the other’s perspective….If it weren’t for our sessions with Christina, I really don’t know if I would still have my relationship because we were so entrenched in the roles we were playing out–to the detriment of the deep love we have for each other. I highly recommend Christina to anyone, especially people in long-term relationships that are struggling with their communication and intimacy.”
-Elaine & Dave

“One of the amazing things you do to your student is that you allow ‘the space’ for him/her to open up. You may know that already but if you don’t; that’s one of the key strengths you have. In this world, humans are closing up. They share more with their gadgets than with other humans. Maybe fear of judgement, maybe lack of a relationship to share, or the other person unavailable to receive. Many reasons. And hence there is a desire to share thoughts, emotions; desire to share dark secrets. As a coach you allow the sharing, without judgement & willingness to receive. Other coaches may be doing so as well, but all at a superficial level. You go deep. And that takes away many many layers of self-doubt, self-judgement & makes the person ‘free’….as if ready to fly. And THE most important key is that you are so OPEN yourself! That’s what makes the student comfortable. This is your key differentiator apart from your vast knowledge.”
-Joe S.

PRIVATE SESSIONS for Individuals (In-Person)
Per Hour $250
Half Day 4hrs / 4 hrs Package S$900
Full Day 8hrs / 8 hrs Package S$1600

PRIVATE SESSIONS for Couples (In-Person)
Per Hour $300
Half Day 4hrs / 4 hrs Package S$1100
Full Day 8hrs / 8 hrs Package S$2000

PRIVATE SESSIONS for individuals (Online)
30mins $120
60mins $180

PRIVATE SESSIONS for couples (Online)
30mins $140
60mins $200

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The greatest gift in this meditative bodywork is discovering what is in the depths of your own inner ocean, your unconscious,..your Source, your truth, and your power. The spacious conscious movements in this bodywork explores the fluidity of your body and penetrates deeply into your unconscious mind, freely moving your body in ways that suggest feelings of softness, lightness, freedom, and ease. You will enter a place of tremendous vulnerability, encouraging you to be compassionate with your inner truth and become willing to be open to enter fully and totally into every aspect of your experience to reintegrate precious aspects of yourself.

Clears negative mental blocks, emotional traumas and address unprocessed emotional charges, and restores a healthy flow of chi (energy). Improves urinary, reproductive, PMS, menstrual cramps, and infertility issues. 
Relieves digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, and constipation. Eliminates toxins in the gastrointestinal tract and promotes lymphatic drainage. 
A course of 3 to 6 treatments is highly recommended for maximum results.

A sacred and beautiful style of massage that focuses on the alignment of body, mind & emotions, soul and spirit through movement, rhythm, breath and touch and heartfelt intention. Different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time, with full body and under-body strokes being used to bring the body back into balance and instill a deep sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing. The massage is given in a long, fluid, rhythmic and continuous motion working with the body’s natural flow and rhythm to release a lot of deep-seated emotional, mental and spiritual blockages and allows energy to flow more freely, and helps release fear, anger, grief, guilt, negative beliefs, self-judgement, and also deep traumatic memories. By releasing these emotions you are then able to bring in self-love, confidence and joy.

(Energy Rebalancing & Joint Release)
Trager is a system of gentle, rhythmic movement and painless hands-on manipulation of the limbs, joints, and muscles aimed at facilitating deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and promoting the body’s optimal performance. Its efficiency is in relieving chronic back and neck problems, insomnia, depression and chronic tiredness. The intent of Trager is to help you get in touch with your own healing energies by releasing unconscious physical stored tensions and mental limitations and make available to you the energy you spent in holding them.

Testimonials of my clients:
“For me Tantra is a powerful & transformational philosophy; & once introduced to it, my life became unstoppable!
Christina teaches the purest form of ‘Tantra’; taught me to become aware, to accept and to honour my ‘being.’
Her teachings & classes are simple, personal, intimate & a life changer.
It’s no magic & I was initially very impatient. You have to trust the process & be patient.
I consider myself very fortunate that I did.
Thank You, Christina.”


“I’m grateful to have met Christina. She is a great dedicated and warm Tantra teacher doing her job passionately and with whole her heart. Christina was always there to support, listen and give wise advise, not only during the Tantra sessions but also outside of them. She has an incredible empathy, spiritual notion and sense of feeling how she can get you to healing your heart, without you needing to spend many words on it, she gets you immediately and naturally where to go.”
-Sigrun D.

“Thank you for the Sagara Tantra Massage on Friday. It was a very beautiful experience. I have tried other types of massage before and have also learned Thai Massage myself but Sagara Tantra Massage was very different. Initially it was interesting to feel the mixture of yin and yang as you applied different soft and hard massage simultaneous. Later as it went deeper i felt a healing love flowing through my body as I felt like a baby resting in a mother arms. It felt healing on a deep level. Some emotions and realizations came up….something to do with the close connection between tension/stress/fear and lack of love, acceptance etc. Afterwards i felt very refreshed.”