I have guided women privately and on retreats for over a decade and despite the diversity of age, background, geography and life choices, I constantly see and have experienced myself, the same challenges arise around self confidence, self esteem, worthiness, lack of purpose, not knowing one’s purpose and struggling in relationships both at work and personal life. These struggles then manifest as dis’ease’ in relation to the body whether its tension and tightness and/or inner pain and discomfort in the form of fertility issues, menstrual cycle pain and IBS etc as well as behaviours cloaked as anxiety and depression and body dismorphic disorders. This ‘disconnection’ from the body can also manifest as a challenges in sex life whether it be a lack of desire or shame or inability to attract and/or keep a life partner.
In my experience none of these challenges for the feminine stand alone; they are all linked and felt not just by the individual but the feminine collective consciousness.
With me, you will start the process slowly of coming back to your body which holds the source of our vital energy, wisdom and power. Through, talking, breathing techniques, movement and visualized guided meditation we will start to open you up to held physical and emotional tension and beliefs, allowing you to feel fully, heal, express and ultimately be ‘turned on’ from being turned off to your wisdom, source and power.
A 60 min Individual Private Session is S$150. 90min is S$180.
Package of 5 sessions (60mins) is S$700. Package of 5 sessions (75mins) is S$800.
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