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Wellness Therapies (Raffles Spa Menu)

SPACE2B in partnership with Raffles Hotel Spa Singapore, complement the indulgent yet reviving treatment experience. Guests can choose to complement the experience with Yoga, Meditation and Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Therapy sessions. Our approach to total wellbeing and self-discovery seeks to fuse the art and science of modern techniques with the wisdom of ancient traditions, in order to attain a deeper level of emotional, mental and physical balance.

Our Wellness therapies at the Raffles Spa are dedicated to achieve a holistic harmony within the mind, body and spirit, aiming to increase your deep relaxation, and relieve your nervous system. Our intent is to create balance within your inner and outer wellbeing. A selection of the most innovative health-enhancing comprehensive wellness therapies have been curated for the Raffles Spa and are uniquely tailored to the guests’ needs. Our highly skilled practitioners from SPACE2B bring to the experience their inherent gift of healing, wellbeing and the purest intention to make your time at Raffles Spa unforgettable and unique.

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Contact: +65 6412 1377

For More Info. & Reservation Email: rafflesspa.singapore@raffles.com


Wellness Wednesdays (Community Group Classes)

Discover weekly revitalising programmes carefully crafted by our team of mindfulness mentors, to reconnect you with your soul. Begin your journey within the surroundings of the tranquil sanctuary which is The Lawn at Raffles Hotel Singapore and begin to unlock the secrets of a more balanced healthy and purposeful life.

Every Wednesday, 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Discover a community on a mission to share deeper understanding of Basic Yoga for the development of strength, flexibility and body awareness.

Soulful Meditation
Discover the meld of transcendental mediation and mindfulness. This one-hour uplifting and soulful active meditation program invites you to slow down and move towards the stillness of your being as you recharge, relax and invigorate.

Sound Healing
When the frequencies in our bodies become discordant, the vibrations in our being are blocked. Promote and restore balance as you immerse in sonic vibrations. Experience bliss through the divine healing session as we guide you to achieve complete relaxation through the resonance of balance and harmony.

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Contact: +65 6412 1377

For More Info. & Reservation Email: rafflesspa.singapore@raffles.com

About Raffles Hotel Spa
Located in the revitalised Singapore historic landmark Raffles Hotel Arcade and nestled within the serene gardens of the iconic Grande Dame, the wellness journey experience begins as the guests step into the welcoming Raffles Spa.

The beautiful Raffles Spa is a holistic sanctuary offering a pampered spa experience of renewed sense of well-being to both its guests and the community. Raffles Spa creates the opportunity to take its guests on a rejuvenating journey with a carefully composed array of therapeutic body and facial treatments. The journey is experienced amidst Raffles distinctive and unique tranquil setting of seven treatment suites named after gemstones including a tranquil private and exclusive couple suite, The Gem Suite facilities include steam bath, sauna, ice fountain as well as a heated pool, complemented with individual shower and dressing rooms. Guests are able to enjoy bespoke, restorative treatments such as hydrothermal experiences. The authentic Raffles Spa journeys are inspired by the prominent wellness philosophies unique to Asia combined with soothing massages and personalised facial treatments.

This programme is designed to activate the body’s natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating to release deeply held stress.

Soulful Meditation
An uplifting programme inviting you to slow down and move towards the stillness of your being as you recharge, relax and invigorate.