What You’ll Experience

 Oasia Hotel Downtown provides a restorative respite from your day’s activities without taking you too far away from everything the city has to offer.

Collaborating with SPACE2B to provide guests mindful activities thoughtfully selected for the mind, body and soul beyond the hotel premise.

Wellness Activities (Group Classes)
Refresh, Refuel & Recharge

Daily, 7.30am to 9:00pm

Sound Healing

Take the time to pause and listen deeply within, to surrender the control of the mind, and drop into a deeper state of tranquillity, stillness and peace. This is an invitation to bring about a deep sense of relaxation, deep rest and rejuvenation. Come and experience the power of sound healing.

A unique collection of Alchemy Crystal Bowls or Singing Bowls or Gongs was chosen with this pure intention for personal transformation.

Wellness Schedule

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Contact Hotel: +65 6812 6979

For More Info. & Reservation Email: conciergeohd@fareast.com.sg

About Oasia Hotel Downtown

Designed by noted architecture firm WOHA, the 27-storey 314-room Oasia Hotel Downtown is a breath of fresh air and welcomed greenery in Singapore’s Central Business District. A true respite in the city, the tropical skyscraper is refreshingly sleek inside, thanks to the modern functionalist style of architect and renowned designer, Patricia Urquiola.

The living, breathing vertical garden is a remarkable combination of lush foliage, copper, wood and stone. Filled with picturesque sky gardens, terraces and green screens, the hotel is as inviting to the flora and fauna as it is to visiting guests.

With welcoming breezes everywhere you go inside the property, and thoughtful spaces for you to relax, Oasia Hotel Downtown makes it easy to Refresh, Refuel and Recharge in the city.

Wellness Journeys

SPACE2B in partnership with Raffles Hotel Spa Singapore, complement the indulgent yet reviving treatment experience. Guests can choose to complement the experience with Yoga, Meditation and Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Therapy sessions. Our approach to total wellbeing and self-discovery seeks to fuse the art and science of modern techniques with the wisdom of ancient traditions, in order to attain a deeper level of emotional, mental and physical balance.

Our Wellness therapies at the Raffles Spa are dedicated to achieve a holistic harmony within the mind, body and spirit, aiming to increase your deep relaxation, and relieve your nervous system. Our intent is to create balance within your inner and outer wellbeing. A selection of the most innovative health-enhancing comprehensive wellness therapies have been curated for the Raffles Spa and are uniquely tailored to the guests’ needs. Our highly skilled practitioners from SPACE2B bring to the experience their inherent gift of healing, wellbeing and the purest intention to make your time at Raffles Spa unforgettable and unique.

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Contact: +65 6412 1377

For More Info. & Reservation Email: rafflesspa.singapore@raffles.com