As some of you may be aware, I am a cancer survivor. After having healed from stage 3 cervix cancer in 2006 by the grace of my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), I now carry the muscle memory and bio memory of one who has completely walked out of cancer. It also means that I can transmit this muscle memory and bio memory to people who are suffering from cancer and help them to get out of this chronic disease.

Since the launch of my first eBook last September titled ‘Cancer: A death sentence or a wake-up call? You decide’, I have started to explore the cancer healing module using Vedic science of healing. Interestingly, since my return from the spiritual retreat – Mahasadashivoham in early January, I have been approached by 2 patients who are in advanced stage of cancer– one with lung cancer and another one with stomach cancer. Both came to me through referral by their family or friends. As I explore this new possibility which has just opened up for me, I like to share the basic understanding here.

First of all, what is cancer?

According to medical terminology, cancer means a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body – meaning the previously healthy cells which have mutated to go against our own body intelligence. From the consciousness perspective, this happens when we constantly carry certain life-negative thought currents within us and manifest an abnormal growth against flow of life as a physical reality. You need to understand that we are not just the physical body, we have 7 layers of energy bodies. They are physical body, pranic body, mental body, etheric body, causal body, cosmic body and nirvanic body. Due to our unconscious living, we imprint certain engraved memories (samskaras) in each energy body, hence we are not relating with reality as it is. Whenever something is not becoming part of our being, it becomes a separate growth – a cancerous growth. Unless we start living these layers, we will never have the satisfaction that we lived. Cancer is a final alarm sent by the Universe to humanity that we are abusing life and our bodies. Universe has to give the final call to us in the form of cancer due to our lack of integrity to the body and purpose of birth after assuming the body.

The second thing I discovered was that we can walk out of any disease including cancer if we are able to cognize that the disease is just an incompletion or hangover we created from the Maya (illusion). Incompletions with health are created by wrong cognitions about body, self, world and life. If we are able to find the root mental patterns of the incompletion which created the disease, we can simply be healed from that disease. The Vedic science of healing does not just treat the physical body but it also heals the root cause of the disease so that a complete cure is achieved. In the Vedic tradition, health is not just absence of diseases, health means experiencing life dancing through our body, a feeling of well-being and an ability to use the body as we want. People with a life-negative mental setup and who have given up in themselves, they will not be willing to explore and trust the ancient remedy even though they want to be healthy. When the root pattern is too deep and the person is not willing to complete in this birth, the last gift from Vedic Science is helping these people to have a graceful exit i.e. liberation at death knowing that we are deathless. The death process which Swamiji initiated people in Nithya Kriya Yoga (also known as Nithyananda Spurana Program) and Inner Awakening program is the boon for a graceful exit. This profound understanding can fundamentally change the way we approach life and healing ourselves.

Another important truth is healing happens in the presence of an enlightened beings. This is the science. Diseases and sound are related, the sound energy field is responsible for the diseases we carry. If our energy field is altered, naturally the diseases will be cured. Only Nada (sound) is responsible for your health or diseases. The sound vibration when it comes from the pure source, uncreated it is called Anahanta Dhvani i.e. the sound which is created not by two things striking each other. By taking one’s disturbed Nada structure to an enlightened being whose Anahata Dhvani is continuously happening, in the very silence of a master, the person’s wounded Nada structure gets healed, re-aligned and re-structured. If it happens through the right sounds, only physical healing happens. Not only one’s whole body goes through a complete change, even the brain and cognition get a complete re-wiring and consciousness get awakened. That is why the master’s presence – the intense soundless sound (silence) is considered as the healing method for all possible diseases. All diseases are healed just by the vibrant silence of a living enlightened master. Hence, in the presence of a living incarnation, healing of body-mind happens naturally. In the new space, he infused life energy into it. By his grace, all the past engraved memories responsible for creating the cancer were completed from my system, hence a full recovery from the cancer was possible.

By applying the science of Vedic healing, I combine the Vedic truths and the shaktis (powers) which I have been initiated by Swamiji. This knowledge will be developed into cancer healing workshop and private sessions. The scope of this healing module includes:-

  • Manifesting powers of body scanning – By using an awakened 3rd eye to scan the body of the patient, it reveals deeper layers of information that is required for helping the cancer patient to heal and complete from the past hangovers
  • Science of Yoga and Kriya – A tailored Yoga routine to not only awaken one’s innate healing capability but also strengthen the body after the invasive treatment from allopathy (Western medication)
  • Vedic knowledge from Agamas, Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads – The Vedic truths about the science of the Jeeva (soul), Maya (illusions), Jada (Static matter), Shakti (dynamic activity, Shiva (Strategic Intelligence), and moksha (liberation in graceful exit or enlightenment).
  • Science of Completion, Poornatva – Understanding how we create incompletion, root patterns and diseases in our body, how to complete the root patterns such as fear patterns, anger, guilt, bitterness about life which are life-negative cognitions which created the cancer.
  • Vedic Healing by initiation from an enlightened Guru – Using 3rd eye healing power and Nithya Spiritual healing (in person) to infuse Cosmic energy to the patient
  • Manifesting power AshtaMaha Shakti – Anima is an ability to reduce the size of the object which is used to shrink the size of a tumour being in Oneness with the Source
  • Remembrance of innate Wholeness, Sadashiva – By awakening the heart center to have self-love, bring integrity to body and embrace life. Basically, it is about aligning the patient back to Source of life – SELF.
  • Transmission of muscle memory and bio memory – By entangling with a healed person, the patient can mirror the neurons of the healed person and healing happens.

Honestly, I have no idea how this exploration will unfold but as a divine channel of Sadashiva (Pure Superconsciousness), I trust that this possibility will only do good to me and humanity. Namaste

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//