Let’s be honest: Dynamic Meditation is hardcore. It is an intense process and it requires commitment. However, it is very natural and easy going once you master the technique. Yes, it may take a little while to familiarise yourself with it, but once you get it, you will fly high. From my personal experience, and having taught Osho Dynamic Meditation in London for the past 5 years to hundreds of people, I see some recurring and common challenges when starting this meditation.

#1: I can’t breathe
At the beginning, you may find the Dynamic Meditation breathing difficult. It is normal and it is simply an indication that your breathing pattern is constricted. Due to modern sedentary lifestyle, unnatural body postures, stress and bad habits, most people breath in a shallow way, using a limited portion of their lung capacity. So do not get discouraged and keep going, the more effort you put into the breathing, the better the meditation will be and the healthier you will get. You can literally expand your lung capacity, take in more oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide, resulting in more energy and vitality available to you. So if you are struggling with the breathing, just keep going and push yourself. There are absolutely no harmful effects as a consequence of an expanded lung capacity. Do not be afraid of breathing and trust the method. Just breathe!

#2: I can’t express emotions
Some people find it difficult to let go and express emotions. But unless you are brimming with energy, fluid and totally flowing, you are likely to benefit from releasing pent-up negative emotions. It is like opening a rusty tap of water: at first just a drizzle will come out but slowly the full stream compressed in the pipes start flushing out in full force. Do not be afraid of your emotions and energy. By keeping them down, you are fighting against yourself. Let your energy flow. Only by allowing the natural flow of energy trapped in your body and mind, you will be able to master and control your emotions. If you feel nothing is coming, just act a bit and it will come. Just express!

#3: I can’t jump
The Dynamic Meditation jumping is your chance to discover your own reservoir of dormant energy. You can tap into your infinite source of vitality. It is an experience that can change your life. It is your energy, your life, do not miss this opportunity. If you feel like you cannot do it, trust me: you can! Here is the trick: co-ordinate breathing, body movement and sound. If you simultaneously shout the sound “Hoo”, whilst breathing out and landing on your feet touching the ground, it will happen. Stay with your body and feel the energy rising from within. If you do the technique correctly, it will happen. Just jump!

#4: I can’t stay still
In the fourth stage, do not move. If you do, the energy that you worked so hard to raise will leak and dissipate. To become aware, you need energy. Now is the time to use the energy to grow your consciousness, do not miss this precious chance. Embrace the uncomfortable position of your body. If the gravity is pulling your arms down, just watch it. Stay with your body, be present and wait: now is the time for meditation to happen. Just freeze!

#5: I can’t dance
Some people find it awkward to just dance for no reason. But when you are really happy and bursting with energy, what do you do? You naturally dance. You feel so full of positive energy that you cannot help but express it. Dance is the culmination of Osho Dynamic Meditation. Here is your opportunity to connect with your heart centre, feel grateful, and express it through the dance. Once you have cleansed and energised your system, it is time to celebrate. Do not sit quietly or lie down. Just dance!

Osho Dynamic Meditation is life changing. It is a powerful and transformative meditation technique which can help virtually everyone. So if you find a little challenging at the beginning, keep going and take on board these advices. It is much easier than you think!

By Chetna & Swaram,, Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//