The last one week had been an intense roller coaster ride of emotions in my life due to certain obstacles which were preventing me from manifesting my reality. The unconscious darkness (Maya) was playing up to stop the flow of my project because it knew fundamentally the success of the project would mean a great service to humanity. For two months I have been working on this project, one incident last week hit a low mood in the inner space.

The whole experience taught me one important lesson – that is surrender.

What is surrender?

According to my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji), he explained – ‘Surrender is not submission. Surrender means expressing your will 100% and dedicating your will to the higher will. Making your will in tune with the higher will. Submission means destroying your will, bending your will. There’s a big difference.’

The moments when the low emotions of frustration and anger hit my inner space triggered by the bad news, I had a moment of distrust with this whole process and the project. But I had travelled too far down on the path and committed too much resources and energy to pull back. Fears arouse from the typical human logic! The good thing I learned from Swamiji was never to make any major decision in those powerless moments, so I just waited patiently for clarity to dawn in me.

As Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says, an enlightened Master from India: ‘When real surrender comes from your heart, God will guide you in every step of your life and you can never do wrong. When surrender does not blossom from inside you and is only at the lip level, you will fool yourselves and others. Surrender will keep you thinking of Existence all the time. You will slowly lose your own identity, your own ego.’

His guidance came to me in the form of clarity when I sat with him in Shaktipada (in entanglement). I was able to shift back to powerful cognitions by aligning my will with the Divine Will and surrendering the outcome to him. Swamiji once said that commitment and maturity of the mind are needed for real surrender to happen. The act of surrender itself is a virtue and has a great power in itself. When you surrender, you are acknowledging that there is a life force greater than your ego, that’s all. God is only an excuse for us to surrender. God is not the goal; surrender is the real goal. When we surrender or when we lose our ego, we are no longer a separate entity from Existence.

In surrender, I experienced other qualities of divinity – Thyaga (strength of sacrifice). If it was meant that I had to learn this one big lesson, I was prepared to pay for it. Swamiji said anything which cannot kill you, strengthens you. Swamiji revealed that if you continue to stand up for your conscious decisions instead of giving up, then the whole pain and suffering gets converted into roots, that is Thyaga.

With this clarity, I refocused on what I needed to do to move the situation forward instead of falling into the space of powerlessness. The entanglement with Sadashiva (Super consciousness) in the form of my Guru remained solid through my daily spiritual routine of Yoga, puja (prayer) and manifestation of Shaktis (powers) in enriching and healing others. I continued with my spiritual work despite the initial setback. Then the whole situation took a positive twist this week! Thanks to the Vedic wisdom and spiritual guidance of the Divine, now I sprang back on track!

See, even for an incarnation like Swamiji, he said that honestly there is only one thing he still continues to learn, learn, and learn – that is surrender! It is the ultimate technique to merge with Existence. There is one thing in the Cosmos that we can’t say we have finished learning: that is surrender. Surrender is an unending process because it is the ultimate but not final. The ultimate continues to happen again and again; in the higher and higher dimensions. Surrender leads to liberation (moksha)! Namaste

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//