You may have heard about the numerous benefits of mindfulness and got intrigued. You may have given it a go. And possibly you may have thought: “I do not get it. I can’t do it. Meditation is not for me”. Let me tell you: you are not alone, I had the same reaction. In fact, initially I had a very strong negative experience. Sitting in silence, watching my mind, I felt like going crazy seeing all my negative thoughts in front of me. It was too much to take in. Like me (and possibly you), so many other people are put off meditation for similar reasons, missing a great opportunity. But it doesn’t have to be that way. What if I told you there is a more effective, enjoyable and natural way to meditate?

Modern Meditation For Modern People

I am so fortunate to have come across Osho Active Meditations, a set of meditation techniques designed by Osho, a contemporary Buddha, who understands the challenges of modern people approaching meditation for the first time. These meditation techniques take into account the completely different landscape and lifestyle of the twenty-first century. All the other meditation techniques, are ancient techniques, designed thousands of years ago and were suitable to people living a totally different life. Back then, there were no metropolis, traffic jam, offices, Facebook, smartphones, digital addiction, environmental pollution and modern mental stress. Unless a meditation technique addresses these new challenges, it will be very difficult for modern people to benefit from meditation.

Is Mindfulness Useful Today?

Nowadays life can be so overwhelming: you are likely to spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen processing information all day long. Your body is static and your mind overloaded and overstimulated. The level of mental stress in our modern world has no precedence in the history of mankind. No wonder you struggle with mindfulness! After a long day of work (possibly stressful and sedentary), do you really want to sit down trying to focus your mind? In the last 5 years or so, the media have pushed mindfulness as the panacea to all human troubles. The reality for me and many others is quite different. I saw people becoming neurotic after forcing themselves into 10-day silent retreat. The truth is: for some people, mindfulness can be deleterious and trigger mental health problems. I came across a study published on Science where college students were put into a room for 15 minutes with nothing to occupy their minds (no smartphones or any other distraction). Left alone with their thoughts was so unpleasant that 67% of men and 25% of women would rather give themselves electric shocks as a form od distraction. Yes, there are some good and serious studies which prove the benefits of mindfulness, but most of the claims about its benefits are overstated and used for marketing purposes to sell you a meditation course.

Start Meditation With Activity

Osho suggests never to start meditation with a passive technique. Passive meditation techniques can create frustration rather than peacefulness. Instead begin meditation with dancing, body movement, shaking, chaotic breathing, jumping, expression, whirling, and making sounds. Move, express and let go of tensions first. Start with activity, with something positive, alive, and enjoyable – it will be much easier. Then, in the midst of it all, you will find a point of silence within you, the inner stillness will grow naturally inside you. Eventually, by and by, you will be able to sit down and enjoy mindfulness. But it takes some time, because the mind is restless and the body needs movement. If you start with passive meditation techniques, you will be forcing something onto you, you will be torturing your body and mind.

Osho Active Meditations are the most useful techniques available to you nowadays, especially at the beginning of your journey. I am convinced that they are bound to become the most popular meditation techniques in the world. It’s just a matter of time. Mindfulness is preparing the ground for Osho meditations to take over, particularly Dynamic Meditation. But there is no need to wait for scientists and media to rave about Osho Active Meditations. Be smart, go on Google, find your local Osho Active Meditations group and give it a go. See for yourself the difference!

By Chetna & Swaram, www.loveosho.com, Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//