Spaciousness. The Meaning of Space. The Sacred Sea Within.


“I am looking forward enormously to getting back to the sea again, where the overstimulated psyche can recover in the presence of that infinite peace and spaciousness,” Carl Jung a luminary of psychology and spirituality, beckons us to explore the profound dimensions of being and the expansive realms of spaciousness.

Within Jung’s reflections lies a deeper contemplation on the meaning of space. It is not just physical or psychological; it is spiritual. Space becomes the canvas upon which the soul paints its journey, the arena where transformation unfolds. In the vastness of inner space, we discover the potential for growth, healing, and the unfurling of our true nature.

His words resonate as an invitation to discover the sacred spaces within—the sanctuaries where the soul finds solace, where meaning unfolds, and where the infinite peace of the sea mirrors the vast expanse of our inner landscape.

In these words, the sea becomes a metaphor for a return to the source, a pilgrimage back to the primordial waters of our being. The sea, with its boundless horizons, mirrors the infinite depths within us, offering a refuge where the tumult of the overstimulated mind can find respite.

Jung invites us to contemplate the spaciousness of the psyche—a terrain vast and uncharted. In the quietude of the sea, the overstimulation that characterizes our modern lives dissolves, making room for the spaciousness within. It is in this expansive inner space that the psyche rejuvenates, heals, and rediscovers its innate connection to the infinite. The sea becomes a mirror reflecting the spacious depths of the soul.

Ushering us into the spiritual dimension of the self, is the key to unlocking the door to the sacred spaces within. In this divine embrace, we find the safety to explore the recesses of our being—the fears, the joys, the complexities, and the simplicities. It is a resting place where the soul can unfurl its wings and soar into the boundless expanse of self-discovery.

The profound understanding that spaciousness carries a certain freedom—a freedom that can be both liberating and intimidating. The spaciousness within allows us to be all that we are, more than we are, and less than we are. It is a scary freedom because it challenges us to confront the vastness of our potential, the depth of our vulnerabilities, and the expanse of our authentic selves.

As we navigate the complexities of existence, Jung’s wisdom becomes a guiding star, urging us to explore the sacred sea within—the infinite ocean of our own being. In the spaciousness of our inner landscape, we find not only recovery and rejuvenation but a canvas upon which the soul can express its unique symphony. The sea becomes a metaphor for the boundless depths of our consciousness, inviting us to dive fearlessly into the mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

In the echo of Jung’s words, let us embark on a spiritual journey to the sea within, where the waves of self-discovery crash against the shores of our consciousness, and the vast expanse of spaciousness becomes a sacred sanctuary for the soul to rest, heal, and find meaning in the ever-unfolding tapestry of our existence.

By Christina Nikolovski,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//