As I was browsing one of the old books called ‘Who asked you to believe?’ which was published by His Divine Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda during his early public life, I couldn’t help but notice these timeless pearls of wisdom and techniques still resonated within me at a much deeper level after 11 years. So, I decided to share it here as a constant reminder to many seekers out there.

1. Step into the timeless Zone
‘Over the years, you have become so time bound, so dependent on time. From the time your get up in the morning to the time your brush your teeth, to the time that you eat breakfast, it goes on and on. It has gone to such an extreme that you cannot be even five minutes without looking at your watch. Come out of this foolishness and see life as the ultimate timeless zone. Slip out of this time awareness and fall into the state of timeless, boundless energy.’

Technique to get out of psychological time:-

For three days, stop wearing your watch. Stop looking at the time, this includes asking the next person for the time. At the end of the three days, you will understand how you have been living your whole life in a time-bound zone. Time will really seem to be meaningless. You may not even feel like wearing your watch again. If this is the case, you are entering into the timeless zone.

2. Stop thinking, start feeling the bliss

Do you know who you are?
Do you know why you are here?
Do you understand your purpose in life?
These are the questions which usually arise sometime around the middle age.
The answer is just seconds away from you: Look now. Look within and your questions will be solved.

Technique to experience Self:-

Look into a deep well. The well will reflect you. Forget thinking. Stop the thought process. Just go on looking into the well’s depths. The depth will become an outer symbol of the inner depth. You will have to be patient, dedicated. There will be a point where suddenly a strange feeling arises in you. You will be filled with bliss. You will come to know your true SELF.

3. Seeing you as divine

Divine energy or Para Shakti is forever flowing through your blood. You might not realize it but it is. It is what gives you the power to speak, to look at the world or even read these words now. It is forever circulating within your body. You are the Atman or soul. You are divine, you are God.

Technique to experience the divine YOU:-

Look at your hands and see them as instruments of the divine.
Look at your legs, your chest, stomach – see them as the divine.
Look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself as the divine.
To be honest, you are not seeing yourself as anything NEW.
You are simply seeing you as you really ARE!

Play with these simple techniques and enjoy! Namaste

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//