How do you make decisions in your life?

Do you make decisions based on past experiences or patterns?

Or you make decisions from the moral values from society?

Do you know what it means to make decision from Consciousness?

Life is about making the smart decisions. From what context we make decisions determines the outcome of that decision because Cosmos responds to your context.

When it comes to making decisions, I’ve learned so much from a living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji) the Vedic science of making decisions. If you make decisions from your past unconscious mental patterns, you will only be reproducing the same past into the future. Your life will feel stuck with the same old suffering. If you are making decisions in your life every day from good values, you are a conflict-free person, you don’t have conflicts. If you are making your decisions out of will, you are a powerful person, you can manifest the reality as you want. The will is made out of material called persistence. River Ganga breaks Himalayas not by intensity but by its persistence. So you manifest what you want, you break into Prakriti (nature) not by intensity but by will persistence. Persistence is actually the scale with which you need to measure your intensity. Persistence makes your will into reality.

If you are making decisions out of discrimination, you are on higher scale of morality. Discrimination is seeing the larger truths of life and making decisions. It means you will be completely honest and integrated to the highest truths of life in that situation. For example, someone has stolen something. If he is trying to hide even after being caught, he is strengthening that pattern. But if he says ‘Let me be honest. Once I will be punished, but at least I will be out of this pattern for lifetimes!’ This is discrimination. So he moves from one level to a higher level of cognitions in making decision. Finally, if you are able to make decisions out of Consciousness, you are a Jeevan Mukta – living enlightenment. It means you make decision from the space of completion, you don’t incur karma or bondage from your decisions. You are in oneness with the Source.

So fundamentally, you have to look into how you make decisions in your life. Ask yourself these essential questions – 1) Is it out of my mental pattern? 2) Is it will power or discrimination? 3) Am I doing this out of the honest, truthful right space? 4) Am I taking decisions out of consciousness, out of the spiritual strength? 5) Or am I at least acting out of discrimination?

If you are taking decision out of mental patterns, you know that you should move to making decision from your intention. If you are already taking decision out of intention, raise yourself to take decision out of discrimination. If you are at least in the level of discrimination, then you can move to making decisions from Consciousness! If you observe how the enlightened masters or enlightened beings make decisions from pure Consciousness, you can learn from their body language and you will catch the thread – which is integrity to love in Oneness (Advaita).

In essence, the way you take decisions matters. Learn the science of making decisions from Vedic tradition which not only brings you greater expansion of cognitions but also makes your Being mature with intelligence and wisdom. Namaste

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//