Are you aware there is a real you?

Do you love the real you?

Many adults and children, carry a pseudo identity which is a lower cognition about themselves given by the societal conditioning. It is this wrong cognition which creates self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial patterns. This is what makes us suffer in life, thinking we are sinners which limits our possibilities.

In Vedic tradition, I discovered many powerful cognitions from the sacred knowledge about self from Upanishads, the Source Book of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. It completely shifted my perception of self, people, world and Sadashiva (Super Consciousness). When the Rishis (perfected sages) sat within them in Samādhi (oneness with the Source), their whole being started vibrating, reverberating with the sacred Truths. The Cosmos started singing and radiating through them, that expression is Upaniṣhads.

Each statement revealed from Upanishads is an invitation to live in Advaita (non-duality). Living Advaita means realizing you are Whole, one with the Whole, you are not a broken or separated, divided part. That realization of complete completion, even with the past, can be given only by Upanishads. Upanishads give humanity the sacred understandings that we need to excel, to reach our peak possibility in life. Each truth from Upanishads is a powerful cognition to be imbibed and lived.

One particular powerful cognition which I firmly believe can reduce the rate of suffering and depression on planet earth is the cognition of the Mahādeva (Super Consciousness) component of you. According to Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji), he says that the Mahādeva component means the highest possibility of all-knowing, all-powerful, always blissful is your Existence, that is your possibility, that is YOU. The Mahādeva component of you which fulfils whatever you want, which gives so much of ‘feeling good’ about you, is the real you.

Whenever I encounter a low mood in my life, I just catch the powerful cognition of the Mahadeva component again. From my experience, it never fails to raise me back to the powerful space and bring tremendous tolerance to handle the situation which is beyond any logic. Swamiji once said that a person, who has achieved the tolerance beyond any logic, can never be disturbed or destroyed. This is law of Life because the moment you cognize the Mahādeva component of you, you are just in love with your Existence. You are just in love with your possibilities. This is not some delusion or illusion to make you feel good. It means possibility for every one of us. No one can take away your Consciousness. No one can take away your Enlightenment. No one can take away your understanding that you are Mahādeva.

Whenever tiredness or boredom overwhelms you, remember ‘I am Mahādeva and I have Mahādeva as my Master to remind me and help me to reach the experience of Mahādeva.’ One important truth you need to catch is – your inability to think or act never takes away your existence as Mahādeva. Non-doing does not take away your state at all. The only thing about non-doing is you are creating more complications in life.

Swamiji said that an enlightened master is the one who makes you love yourself, simply you love him. This is law of life. His whole mission is making people love them truly. He respects our existence as Life. The moment he respects you as an Enlightened being, as Mahādeva’s embodiment, you also start respecting you. When you know that the Mahādeva component in you is still active and alive, there is no expiry date, you simply fall in love with you! Falling in love with yourself is the only way to keep Nityotsāḥ, eternal excitement in you. Frankly, there is nothing else in the outer world can give us  eternal excitement. The person who has touched the eternal excitement about himself, only he will have beyond logic tolerance. Illogical tolerance will happen to you when you understand the Mahādeva component of you, the God side of you; because you will just be in love with that Existence. You will just be in a trance with that Existence. Being in love with that Mahādeva component of you is Bhakti (devotion).

Start living this truth, start loving that component of you, start expressing in your profession, your career, your family, your relationships and in your Life. Decide – how Mahādeva will respond to every situation? ‘If Mahādeva is in this situation, how he will respond? Let me live like that!’ That is Dharma, living with all our possibilities, blissfully.

In Vedic tradition, everything is possible! For all possibilities you don’t need a separate technique or method to open them up in you. Only whatever you believed is not possible for you, you need to undo those wrong beliefs. Whatever you already started believing as not possible for you, you will not be able to do; that is okay. But for many things in life that you have not taken a decision or formed a belief that they are not possible for you, those things are still possible for you! Just by remembering those things, they will start opening up in you. Once you start opening up the possibility, they will suddenly be available for you. For many things you have not closed the door upon you, they are still available and remain open for you. It is when you see the huge possibility in you, you start loving the real you. Namaste!

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//