Living A Tantric Life Workshop led by Christina SPACE2B – A new meditation studio along Stanley Street, Singapore. The two hours was so insightful and it was such a beautiful reminder of our true nature and its highest potential. A lot of people hear “tantra” & immediately think of something sexual and while that is one aspect, it’s not everything.

What I took away is that Tantra is a mindfulness practice that brings together everything that is sacred in our life, which of course includes sex. But to do so, the practice involves us expanding our relationship with our self first.

We moved through quite a few different practices and one of the strongest reminders for me was to invite more love into difficult situations by learning & choosing how to drop into the heart space. When faced with challenges, how can we shift our presence and awareness to that of love instead of fear. I believe that there are 2 types of energy- a loving, joyous, peaceful, expanding one. And then there is the fear based one that carries the vibration of resentment, distrust, shame, guilt, anger, anxiety and constriction. 

These two energies cannot reside in the same space insofar as in a given present moment, only one energy can be present – either love or fear. We consciously and unconsciously get consumed by that energy, we let it decide what we do. When we are unconscious, we become powerless to that energy, whether love or fear. So it isn’t US who necessarily decides how or what we do. Of course when it’s love, we can trust it to move us forward, expand and ascend. But when we get consumed by fear, the immediate effect is to turn off our heartfelt feelings, capacity for love and hold ourselves back. We need to hold space for ourselves often, observe our thoughts & stories we attach ourselves to. Slowly become aware of the energetic quality of these narratives. By being more conscious of which energy we hold, we then empower ourselves with the choice to act differently. 

By Kathy Gabriels,, Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//