How do you respond to life whenever something traumatic happens to you?

Do you ask WHY?

Do you fall into guilt or depression?

In the first 5 months after my return from India, I have been undergoing major changes in my life which shook the very core of my being – everything which once gave me the false security were removed from my life. I plunged into a state of utter insecurity, but it only took me a few days to crawl out of this black hole of Maya (illusion).

I remembered one lesson I learned from my Guru, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a living incarnation (fondly known as Swamiji) when he had a compound fracture in his right hand after a horse-riding accident in 2011. He didn’t experience any pain because he never look back. He explained that whatever happened is a time shaft. Time shaft should not be looked back, no post-mortem. Either look at the time with complete acceptance or gratitude. He looked at Kalabhairava (Lord of Time) only with gratitude.

He said “Kalabhairava is Guru (dispeller of darkness). Life is a Guru. Don’t look at life with a ‘WHY’. A ‘WHY’ towards life always brings suffering. ‘WHY’ does not give answers. It gives only more and more suffering. So, look at life with either complete acceptance or gratitude.

Here are the seven lessons I learned from this shake-up:

  • Don’t moan with WHY? – The WHY and IF only bring more suffering. I just focus on my enriching effort, healing others and manifesting Shaktis (powers) of Sadashiva (Super consciousness).
  • Trust life (Guru) even if it teaches you – Without the deep trust in life and my Guru, an ordinary human being would have collapsed in depression. I was able to do my daily spiritual routine and my work without being affected. I just carry this deep trust that I am being taken care of.
  • If the master is shaking you, it means He has showered His compassion on you – Having Sadashiva as my Guru, everything happened in his lap. He is showering compassion so that I can undergo the surgery of transformation. Devotion to Guru (Guru Bhakti) is the only cushion from the suffering
  • Whatever can be lost, is not there in the first place – Things that can be taken away from me means it won’t be there with me when I leave this body. It is better to face the insecurity of loss than having to suffer the fear of loss at the time of death.
  • The moment I finally accepted the lesson, life showed me that it is a preparation for a next major expansion in my life – Acceptance is a spiritual power which helped me to unclutch from the happening and brought me back to the space of Oneness with the Source.
  • Thanks to all my spiritual transformation, practice and powerful space, I sprang back to life very quickly – It was like a test to ascertain the last 12 years of spiritual inner work that I have done finally came as a validation of my expansion of consciousness
  • Have tremendous patience to go through the process as life unfolds slowly – I was just a witness to this game called life and I watched it with patience and not react with frustration but respond with understanding and awareness

In essence, life is a Guru, never go with WHY, instead approach all happenings with acceptance or gratitude. Namaste 

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//