Are you aware that how you perceive your body-mind affects your health?

What is the principle of Vedic holistic systems?

This week I was helping a few clients with certain health issues and I couldn’t help but noticed many people do not understand the relationship between their beliefs and body. When I was studying the notes of the discourse on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali given by my Guru, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji), I realised many of people carry the wrong ideas and beliefs from society which shape the way we perceive and relate with our body- mind and how we manifest diseases unconsciously.

The way the Vedic Tradition looks at body-mind plays an important role in how we eat, dress, medicate, maintain, sleep, everything is thoroughly influenced by one concept. That concept is our body is the shell of our consciousness which is consciously and wilfully  developed and designed by our will. This truth forms the basis of Indian medicinal systems such as Siddha Medicine and Ayurveda, their dressing system and the whole lifestyle.

It is the science of studying the physical setup that reveals the mental setup of individuals. This theory forms the basis of Yoga. The great enlightened masters have done amazing research on how every thought works on our system. For instance, when you have certain thoughts like a hatred for this physical body, it directly works on your system – what you suppress, express, don’t express. Alter the mind by altering the body’s dimension is Yoga. Altering the structure of the body and understanding the mind is Science of Samundrika Lakshana in Sanskrit.

Swamiji revealed that if you alter your body through Yogic techniques, major Samskaras (engraved memories) of your system can be uprooted. Your body is a shell consciously created by your will. With this understanding, constantly work on your body structure, make it yogic such that it becomes a perfect mirror to reflect the Super consciousness (Sadashiva). You should not leave the blind spots unattended on your body as the unattended spots.

In the Vedic tradition, the body is not just a machine whereas the Western allopathy treats the body as a machine. The Eastern systems of medicine treat the body as an organism and attend to the whole thing. Our body is a living entity which is created by independent intelligence. How people design computer, the same way, you sit and design the skin colour, hair, length, everything you sit and design.

Do you know that every morning for 21 minutes (one cycle of you waking up) you have the window of opportunity to design your body? The 5 mins after you are awake and 16 minutes before you wake up, that 21 mins window plays a major role in the everyday designing of your body. It’s not once year, everyday it changes, meaning you can consciously design your body. Every day you design your body, you design how you should look, how you should feel as well as how others should feel about you. If you can bring awareness to the transition period from sleep state to waking state, you can penetrate into the different states of consciousness. The moment you wake up, jump out of your bed and cherish only the right cognition about your body-mind.

In essence, this science of altering the body will help immensely in our daily life and our own understanding of our body and mind. We will know how to alter our body structure and free our mental setup and suffering. Namaste.

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//