Embracing the Love That We Are


In the tapestry of existence, the heart stands as the sacred gateway to our true essence, inviting us to embark on an awakened, heart-centered path. Living in the heart is not a mere concept; it’s a profound practice that calls us to be present, to live from our authentic center of being, and to embrace the love that defines our very nature. In this journey, we delve into the depths and heights of life as a whole, experiencing profound openness, aliveness, and total acceptance.

What if we could drop into the heart—connect with our soul, intuition, and discern between the voices of the heart and the echoes of fear and doubt? This inquiry unveils a world that exists right before us, visible only through the heart’s lens. How might our lives transform with the infusion of heart-centered living?

Looking from the heart’s perspective brings about a transformative shift in awareness—a holistic view that adds richness, wonder, and beauty to even the most mundane experiences. This shift beckons us to move beyond the confines of the analytical mind and immerse ourselves in the wisdom of the heart.

Cultivating Love and Kindness

On this journey, we liberate the heart by viewing fears, emotional challenges, and projections as opportunities for self-inquiry and awakening. We learn to shift our presence from the head to the heart of Being, unlocking the heart’s natural warmth, intelligence, and goodness. This tender, loving, and wise aspect of our true nature reveals itself, offering a profound connection to the essence of who we are.

Living in the heart involves developing qualities such as loving-kindness, patience, and joy—gifts we extend not only to others but also to ourselves amid the challenges of daily life. The heart holds the secret key to opening an inner pathway into consciousness, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of presence and acceptance.

Entering the heart is an act of presence—a powerful affirmation, a resounding “yes” to life. We unravel the profound truth of what it means to be present in our bodies, extending unconditional acceptance to ourselves and allowing others to be as they are. Through this, we foster a loving awareness, an acceptance that radiates from the heart.

Sacred Heart Practices: Accessing Deep, Unconditional Love

The journey culminates in sacred heart practices that grant us access to deep, unconditional love from within. These practices become the alchemy of the heart, transforming our relationship with ourselves and the world around us. In this sacred space, we become vessels of love, emanating a presence that transcends the ordinary and connects us to the eternal essence of life. Living in the heart, we embrace the love that we are—eternal, boundless, and transformative.

By Christina Nikolovski, www.tantrapath.com,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//