Over the last one month, I have been working with several people through the process of healing their past pain and violence done to them by the unconscious parents and society. See, when the human beings live in the unconscious state of verbal abuse, physical violence and sexual assault, they inflict tremendous fear and pain to the children and destroy their very innocence space, trust and connection with life. That gives birth to the mind and their life is literally destroyed due to the psychological disturbances and the souls stop growing unless they complete with this hangover. I’ve seen many adults grew up feeling hurt by their parents for what they had done to them and this incompletion with parents caused them to lose confidence in themselves, in life and some even developed the patterns of anger, violence and self-harming in their life. This requires tremendous healing at the bio memory level of the individuals.

Here is this truth given by a living incarnation, His Divine Holiness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji):” Our day to day habits, the way you behave and respond to the outer world comes from father. But, how you cognize you, the innermost image you carry about you, comes from mother, it stays in the bio-memory. Your behaviour, responding patterns are from muscle memory, that stays in your muscle memory. That is from father, usually he educates you about the outer world. He contributes a lot to your outer image. He contributes a lot to how you behave with the world. How you relate with the world, what you should, and should not. Vidhi (do’s) and Nisheda (don’ts), that comes from your father. That is why if you had a father who is unstable, your relationship with outer world will be very unstable. That comes from your muscle memory, but the way you cognize about you, your inner image come from your bio memory that stays in your bio memory. Completion with mother only can heal and complete your bio memory. Your inability to be with yourself, your inability to be settled within yourself, is the source of frustration in your system. This can be completed by bringing Mother worship as part of your cognition and relating with God or Guru as mother. Be a child to your Source and be a mother to all the people to whom you are a source. This brings so much of inner healing!”

Mother worship is the direct method to bring completion in one’s bio memory. The attitude, the bhāva which forms the basis for the way you connect with life with the world. The same attitude forms the basis for you to connect with yourself. That is what we called karma in Vedic tradition. If you judge others, you will be judged because the basis with which you relate with the world, the same thing will be the basis with which you will relate with yourself. The abusive word which you utter towards others, will be the same strong words you will be uttering to yourself.

The Mother worship or the worship of the Divine Feminine Consciousness, is unique contribution from Vedic Tradition, it is the greatest gift to planet earth. All sacred things are looked upon as feminine in Vedic traditions, the source of divine or creation is mother energy. Whenever the mother energy is added to your consciousness, you experience enlightenment, only mother energy can give liberation because she holds the key to Sadashvia (Super Consciousness). The Kundalini shakti (inner potential energy) which resides at the root of the spine of every human being, once it is awakened, you experience a unique feminine mood or feeling i.e. you give birth to yourself, you become the cosmic mother.

My own inner healing started when I first met Swamiji in July 2006 during a 4-day program called Nithyananda Spurana Program which happened in Bidadi ashram (monastery). Just like a wounded child crying for the help of a mother after messing things up – all the silly things I did to myself due to the darkness of ignorance, I opened up and cried like a child to him in his breathing space. That ability to melt down my mind and relate with the Master like a Divine Mother healed all my pains and guilt including the Stage 3 cervix cancer.

I realize that the deep-rooted wounds in bio memory can only be healed by the love, compassion and security of the Divine Mother (Adi-shakti), for she has the power to heal all pains, hurt and wounds of the soul. Hence in the healing process for people, I always relate with them as a mother and help them to see the violence and anger they carry against life when they were a child, I allow them to slowly open up like a child again and melt down in the presence of Cosmic Mother and bring them to complete with their parents and pain they carry in their bio memory. Until they are able to connect with life as mother, inner healing cannot happen. That process requires love, security and trust when I radiate from my space as Adi-Shakti and then transmitting that healing space to the Beings for completion to happen.

Swamiji further added that inner healing is the greatest asset that we can have. The mother energy, completion with mother and connecting with life as mother – bring motherliness in your every relationship, not only connecting with the source of life as mother, for whoever you are as the source of their life, let them connect with you as mother. He said: “Be a child to your source and be a mother to all the people whom you are a source. This brings so much of inner healing.

In essence, the ability to connect with life as Divine Mother can bring so much inner healing and completion to our bio memory, we experience tremendous inner peace and completion within self, with others and Universe. Namaste

By Ma Durga, http://yourpresenceheals.com,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//