Last evening, my 15- years-old son came to share with me about an incident which disturbed his inner space as he felt certain heaviness in his heart. This incident happened yesterday afternoon, he went for a Geography team project discussion with a couple of boys from his school. After the project meeting, the three boys decided to visit the games arcade in the shopping mall for some entertainment.

The moment one of his friends, namely Yee tried to show off his skills by taking out a special professional member card to start the game machine, my son immediately recognized it was his card which he had lost 4 months ago. Through his awakened third eye, he saw that his friend stole his card and he had to confront him. Yee immediately lied by saying it was his card as he had earned it using his playing skills. My son, with ferociousness, took the card away from him and Yee tried to snatch it away. In the struggle, my son cornered him to speak the truth! Finally, he admitted that the card belonged to my son but then came the second lie, he said that my son left it in the machine the last time they played together. My son was clear that this didn’t happen and again pushed him to speak the truth. Finally, out came the truth – Yee stole the card from my son’s wallet as they used to sit next to each other in the class. Seeing my son’s ferociousness, finally Yee apologised to my son for stealing his card. My son, after having satisfied with the truth, decided to give that card to his friend and then left him.

When he shared the whole incident with me, I just provided him the space of pure listening and I asked him to look within his inner space, how he felt about this whole incident and the emotions which were triggered from this incident. The shock for him was he could not believe his good friend would steal his card and the second thing he actually lied to him, not once but twice. That didn’t settle well inside him despite having resolved the issue. I was surprised that he gave his favourite card to his friend in the end. He told me that he had outgrown the desire to play the game in the last 4 months and he was ready to let it go.

Before sleep, I guided him through the completion process called Science of Poornatva, a powerful technique gifted by the Adi Yogi and Adi Guru, Sadashiva in Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (Shivajnanopanishad) which I was initiated by my Guru, His Divine Holiness Paramahasma Nithyananda (fondly known as Swamiji). See, as consciousness we are established in the space of complete completion (poornatva). However, whenever an external incident causes a strong attack of emotion which imbalance our whole cognition about life and self, creating a hangover or incompletion in us, the incompletion causes a development of root pattern which not only brings pain and suffering but also stops our growth because we are not able to see things as it is. This means the past is sitting in the present, disturbing the future. As a parent, I want my child to constantly reside in the space of completion, not allowing the dust of incidents to settle in his pure and innocent space.

After the completion, he saw the reason why Yee did that to him. Yee was a lousy player and he was jealous of my son’s playing skills. He was always being laughed at by his friends. He decided to steal the card to show that he was a good player! My son was able to cognize the emotional pain of heaviness in his heart was actually the hurt he felt from the abuse of trust by his friend. This was the first time he expressed ferociousness, not violence – a dimension in him he just discovered. Once he was able to complete from this incident, he experienced a tremendous inner peace within him and very quickly he fell asleep like a baby into the pure space.

I felt so grateful to Swamiji for gifting humanity this science of completion which allows me to bring my child again and again back to the space of complete completion so that he is able to connect with the Source directly. From this incident, I can see the flowering of courage, compassion and wisdom in letting go in my child. Namaste

By Ma Durga,,  Contributor of //LIVE SIMPLY//